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ZTV News Episode 2

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On ZTV News, ZONE-tan, the mascot for ZONE-Archive responds to feedback and gives news updates for the website.

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http://twitter.com/zone_t an

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this is so fucking funny i think i just came a little bit in my pants :D
no seriously i signed up just to give this movie max rating
because it is awesomely drawn and very cool

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hahaha now that was funny btw not my buisnesss buuut might concider angermanagement for zone tan? juuust a thought *locks self away in my anti zone-tan bunker*

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There is a cure for idiotic, it is called a 12 gage slug to the head.

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God damn, I nearly died at Stamper's tirade.

Amazing as always, Z0NE!

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I'm pretty sure one of the submission rules says something like: "Your movie must not simply be an ad for your site", which makes this pretty ironic, all things considered.

...OK, yes, this IS more than just a site advert... but only just. It's a solid flash in itself: It's very pretty, well animated, and the voices are good, but I simply don't see the point in making an entire flash movie to convey news about a website that you can just as easily make a newspost about.

Think about it. The more time you spend on making the promo movies, the longer it's going to take you to actually make the stuff you're talking about here, which somewhat defeats the point of advertising things that are "coming soon". If you spend all your time on this series, they're not going to come soon, are they.

So, what's left apart from the promo stuff? The humour... which is so forced (and similar to the last episode) it just isn't funny at all. If I wanted to watch emo bitching, I'd go to the Newgrounds forums.
Now yes, humour is a matter of taste, and I'm guessing this was made to appeal to the same demographic that the hentai flashes were (read: teenagers), and reading the reviews left on it already I can see you've had at least some success in making your target audience laugh. However, the fact that it only appears entertaining to said target audience is itself a weak point in this series' execution. The best examples of comedy appeal to virtually everyone, regardless of age, gender, race etc.

So, the humour is apparently self-limiting and the rest of it is counter-productive. So what's the point? I bet your blog gets hundreds if not thousands of hits a day, and your website is just as popular if not more, so you could just as easily have posted a blog on both and got the message out to as many people as this did, using a tiny percentage of the time and effort this did. If there's an aspect to this I've overlooked, please say so, because I'm really scratching my head for reasons why you're doing these here.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
6:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Original