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MS12Ds Episode 2

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MarioSonic and the 12 Destroyers Episode 2

Disclaimer -------------------------
The Episode is 15mb, so be patient for it to load!

The Second Episode is finally done after 2 years of work, this episode is also created by Ingo-Lingo on his own, finally to present you this master piece.

//Ingo's Note//
The reason this animation took 2 years was because of my original computer I was working on became slow and couldn't posses all the backgrounds. So I finally got a new computer after a year or so and finished this episode.
//End Note//

For the background story, please visit Episode 1

P.S. You would want to view this animation on a Low or Medium Quality for the best Smoothness. Just right click and select Quality.

Credits ------------------------

All the music tracks and sprites in this animation is owned by its rightful owner, this project is a free and non profit project, we do not claim to own the sprites nor the characters.

Nintendo Characters (c) Nintendo
Sega Characters (c) Sega
MS12Ds animated by Ingo-Lingo


Nice job dude. You did an awesome job. F***in awesome. I don't like it that they get attacked the same time as Mario did. I'm a fanatic of Sonic. But not Mario. Mario and his friends need to work together and join up and into a team to defeat all those robots. In the next episode, or, if you're working on it, can you please add in a scene where Sonic and Mario's friends team up and go on an epic journey to defeat the Chamelion-like Robots? That would be epic and awesome. I'd love it if that happens. Please reply and tell me if you will or not, and if you are working on trying to have them team up, and defeat the robots. Keep up the great work! I appreciate it.

still f****** awesome and still deserves more views

Ingo-AlzFlash responds:

yah i guess

this is the best sprite u made dude! : )

Ingo-AlzFlash responds:

Thanks, Episode 3 is coming very soon

This is really good i like it some voice actors whoud have helped but all in all very good but one thig chould u maybe just maybe add crash bandicoot in this hes not in any flashes any more and he is awesome but im just asking nice job 9.5/10

Ingo-AlzFlash responds:

Sorry, I had no plan to insert Crash Bandicoot into this series.
If you want to create your own animation with Crash you can go on ahead.

9/10 I May Give It. I Give It A 9 Becuse All The Music , Sfx And The Spelling,GoodWork!
This Shoud Be On Newground.

Ingo-AlzFlash responds:

It will be, im joining animators with WaelAlzFlash!

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3.48 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
5:44 PM EDT