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Thor Has Daddy Issues

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This was made purely for shits and giggles, so I wouldn't get too worked up about it.

Note 1- Don't use a PS2 Eyetoy as a camera
Note 2- Use a decent mic.

A stupid idea has now manifested into a short animated film. Enjoy.

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Animation was great! Nice work!

Lighting was bad, you should have had controlled lighting.
Voice acting was horrid, nothing makes me more mad then whisper-screams.

RyderOmega responds:

Believe it or not, we were actually yelling to the top of our lungs. The bad voice acting was actually the result of using a shit bargain-bin mic. We're working on getting a better quality mic, so future animations will have better sound.

Thanks for the review.

the lightings a little off but it was realy good

Really liked the ending with Tony Stark's "seriously dude?" look. The PS2 Eyetoy is a bad idea though.

it's an okay video but it's not a flash i believe, correct? cause i think a flash in with computer animations but any who just need better voice acting and stuff. also better plot to base off of.

Five rating and three stars for cleverness.... the low star rating was only for the lackluster voice acting. This would be hilarious with the right voice actors. Egoraptor as Loki comes to mind... hehehe