Wonders of the Universe 3

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Update the first: Thanks everyone for helping us get daily second. And thanks to the Newgrounds staff for the front page! Leave a review and let us know what you thought of the episode, we like reading them!


The Wonders of the Universe is ready to launch! But as fate would have it, Quintin Quasar gets caught up in a depressed Cleaning Bot's plans to flee the ship. Can they survive the barren world they're stranded on?

Episode 3, 'Shanghai Dune' completes the 3 episode Maiden Voyage arc where we introduce you to the world and characters of 'Wonders of the Universe.' The highlight of this episode is no doubt RUT.2, an eccentric Cleaning Robot who finds a little too much joy in his work.

We all pitched in animation in this one, so you might notice a little bit of a change in animation styles throughout the cartoon. We hope it's not too jarring. Most future episodes will be made with one main animator.

We hope you all enjoy! And you'll be happy to know that Episode 4 is already well into the animation stage of production!

- The Toonwerks Crew


Xander Mobus (Motley-Fool)
Chris Niosi (Kirbopher)
Miranda Gauvin (dellaciel)
Deven Mack (D-Mac-Double)
Edward Bosco (Darkwolf)
Edwyn Tiong (Omahdon)
Chris Boe (BOE)
Mickey "8-Bit Mickey" Paradis


Mark Schneider (th1rt3en)
Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog)
Casey McDonald (Xiphon)
Chris Boe (BOE)



You guys done an amazing job on this. Keep it up. I'm really looking foward to watch the next episode.


Great humor, superb characters and voice acting (as always), nice little story / twists.
The ending came quick and unexpected, but that's your style.

Can't wait for more!

Nice! The third episode! I've been waiting for this.

Anyway, this episode was interesting with the change in setting (on the planet and seeing more of the ship) and the characters and voice acting are still well done. The epiphany perhaps could have been brought on with his explanation of 'what a Nova is' instead of due to near death like he was planning (or perhaps a memory or something), as it felt a bit sudden, but the rest was well paced and well done. The story wrapped up well, and the wonders of landing on a(n inhabited) planet will really open this world for Quentin, and in turn, for us. I'm excited to see where it goes from here!

Toonwerks responds:

The story arch with Rut.2 was definately something we recognized as happening very quickly. We had a much longer script originally but wound up having to cut it down cause it was just way to much.


Another GREAT episode :D i enjoyed every second of it and was even looking forward to more Dune episodes :P

The robot was awesome both in personality and voice acting.

5 stars!

Toonwerks responds:

There was one scene where we were gonna have a survival guide play to tell the inhabitants of the escape pod how to survive on the barren world, and most of it was straight up dune references but that whole scene got cut :C

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Jun 20, 2012
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