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Scylla Starfighter

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Earth desert expansion 10 Points

Destroy a large number of buildings on the earth level!

Asteroids I 25 Points

Destroy a large number of asteroids!

Fallas from Valentia 25 Points

Defeat the first level

Stop Invaders 25 Points

Defeat the invaders boss without being damaged

Asteroids II 50 Points

Destroy a larger number of asteroids!

Earth Champion 50 Points

Defeat the third level!

Ragna Assault 50 Points

Defeat the second level

Rings were moving! 50 Points

Defeat the fourth level

Feldor humiliation 100 Points

Defeat Feldor without being damaged

Perfect Scylla 100 Points

Defeat Earth without colliding against any buildings

Author Comments

UPDATED: Okay guys, autofire activated!


UPDATED: Newgrounds medals added to the game, and preloader updated! Hope you liked! :D

Warning: It could take a few minutes to load! And you will need the last version of flash plugin installed! (we recomend to play it on chrome without any other 3d app running at the same time)

The Scylla squadron was created for the protection of the civilians of the alliance. It was composed of pilots with superhuman skills, able to destroy entire armies with a single ship. In Scylla Starfighter you controll Nataliya, one of the Scyllas that has the mission to protect the people from the Ragnaquians, a group of fundamentalist that says that its god has awaken and he wants to destroy the people of the alliance.

Scylla Starfighter is a 3D shmup with some nice gameplay twists, boss battles, and unique 3d graphics on a flash game.


one point for the medals only. i hate to give the second point for the graphics, because mincraft have the worst graphic ever, but after all its the best game in the world, but you did some work, i will give you that point too, the gameplay, wasn't boring, i like the minigames, but the second minigame is very buggy i just hold the left or right arrow for 0,1 seconds and i make a whole 360 circle. so 1 point more. after all the vidio and the voices are good too, i will give you 0,5 points more for it.

the bad one is the "KI driven ship". I wanna kill the guys, but the ship make turn arround... wtf? the other bad thing are the weapon upgrades. after a time you will oose them and if you find two or more upgrades youre weapon may will be downgraded...

i hope the review is ok, there are more good things then bad things so, its a good game :D

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Josepho responds:

Autofire activated ;)

It was ok, could have been a lot better if the use of perspective was improved, sometimes it was hard to tell if there was a large asteroid in the distance or a small one close by which resulted in a lot of collision for me. Also the upgrades were virtually non-existent and were way too easy to lose because many of the asteroids seemed unavoidable. The voice acting was a bit cringe inducing at best best and the story was nothing new or special. Great graphics and the health system was balanced though, overall 3 stars from me :)

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Graphics are great, gameplay was smooth for the most case. Ships were nicely detailed.

Voice acting needs alot of work. The main character has a really odd voice, specially when she 'crashes her ship' , she sounds so monotone and boring. Alot of the time depending on the character speaking, the volume fluctuated enough to not be able to really hear it to a bit too loud. With a game like this you do need voice acting since the gameplay is so fast -- No one wants to read text, but it needs to be done a good deals clearer with people who know how to voice act a bit better. I believe there was only one or two decent voices in there.

The story was rather odd and it didn't make much sense. Alot of things bothered me, such as them 'jumping' to earth, and then you going to protect the city. You end up LEVELING the whole city with your guns which makes it seem like she's more the villain by simply destroying all the buildings. This is where being able to toggle your gun on and off would of been good, you could of even had a fail/pass status.. For example you would fail if you destroyed 10 buildings or more. But obviously some mechanics would have to change. But overall, did not make much sense -- 'protection of the civilians', not really. The last boss battle the AI claims 'You should leave' to the player. Like the AI is concerned, but makes no sense because it's a 'universal' bomb, thus she'd be killed where ever she'd go. Dialog needs improvement and to be actually thought out so you don't run into odd things like that. The storyline seemed rushed to me, and you never got really tied into/understood who everyone was by the ending.

It was really crummy that some offscreen thing happened to destroy the large ship you were battling in the second boss battle. I would of LOVED to see that thing go up in smoke, instead it feels more like it was removed purely so you didn't have to make a boss level for that one.

The first boss -- the space invaders thing, I don't think should even be a boss. It was a bit oddly added. If you were to do this, you should at least make it smooth. Instead of the ships actually side panning, they jittered, which made no sense to even be in the game. Also, the whole noise bit when they moved, specially when they got faster, was loud and annoying. I wouldn't of been so bothered by this if it had smooth scrolling ships and maybe a quieter transition noise in this battle. Though I think it should of been avoided.

The last boss was the only actual 'boss' battle that interested me. The rest of them were rather boring. It was a smart idea, and actually involved other things. Panning the ship to shoot the crystal type things, and avoiding the beams which seemed to be constructed rather good, giving you enough time to dodge them if you are careful about looking at where they are about to spawn. It was a good boss battle.

Gameplay needs to be more interactive. There wasn't mcuh gameplay, most levels you can sit and let the gun do the work. Even on the last level with a couple of deaths you can get past half way by doing nothing.

The last gripe, once you win, it goes right to the title screen. Sure, you get some voice acting, but no 'congrats/you win', no storyline ending really, I don't even know how we actually stopped the bomb since it was activated and I presumed we were just attacking the outside of the ship. Maybe I missed that. But you really need a proper ending to any game so get satisfied. Look at most of the ME3 players, most of them complain about the ending, they are unsatisfied simply because of the last 15 minutes of the game. This doesn't change the fact that ME3 was a good game until that point, but ending a game like that really crushes the feelings on how players viewed the whole game. So that's the point about having a decent/rewarding game. You should have some sort of reward system if anything, like a score system, just to add something to the game, maybe have people compete a bit for the highest score.

Good luck mate.

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Josepho responds:

Many thanks for your review, it was very constructive, some of the parts of the game appears to be rushed cause they are, i am so sorry but my budget was veeeeeeeeeery low for make this one, maybe if adds go well I can made a new one with all things fixed and still same tech but at the momment i doub it :(

Well, the graphics are good and the concept of using old games as a basis for the levels is interesting, but it's just so boring. Most of the enemies don't really pose a threat unless they spawn right near you, and the only upgrade to be found appears sporadically at best and it's very unspectacular.
3 stars for effort.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
11:39 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional