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Scylla Starfighter

rated 3.23 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Jun 20, 2012 | 11:39 AM EDT

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Earth desert expansion 10 Points Destroy a large number of buildings on the earth level!
Asteroids I 25 Points Destroy a large number of asteroids!
Fallas from Valentia 25 Points Defeat the first level
Stop Invaders 25 Points Defeat the invaders boss without being damaged
Asteroids II 50 Points Destroy a larger number of asteroids!
Earth Champion 50 Points Defeat the third level!
Ragna Assault 50 Points Defeat the second level
Rings were moving! 50 Points Defeat the fourth level
Feldor humiliation 100 Points Defeat Feldor without being damaged
Perfect Scylla 100 Points Defeat Earth without colliding against any buildings

Author Comments

UPDATED: Okay guys, autofire activated!


UPDATED: Newgrounds medals added to the game, and preloader updated! Hope you liked! :D

Warning: It could take a few minutes to load! And you will need the last version of flash plugin installed! (we recomend to play it on chrome without any other 3d app running at the same time)

The Scylla squadron was created for the protection of the civilians of the alliance. It was composed of pilots with superhuman skills, able to destroy entire armies with a single ship. In Scylla Starfighter you controll Nataliya, one of the Scyllas that has the mission to protect the people from the Ragnaquians, a group of fundamentalist that says that its god has awaken and he wants to destroy the people of the alliance.

Scylla Starfighter is a 3D shmup with some nice gameplay twists, boss battles, and unique 3d graphics on a flash game.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good graphics sure. Gameplay is bad. I'm basing my "game" review mainly on the quality of the game, here in which you sacrifice gameplay for 3d graphics. I actually expected more for the graphics considering how at like 3 points i was told of the game's "awesome or high" graphics, but all i saw was copy and paste of the same things in a level over and over again. The images and speakers of the communication just looks and sounds silly with half the times me asking myself "REALLY CAPTAIN OBVIOUS?". Something less realistic with just dialogue titles would have been fine. I played for 2 levels and then drifted off from boredom, the boss fights didnt help when all i did was sit in one spot, at the third level i just saw the replicated buildings and went "Yeah.... this is getting very repetitive..."
I gave it less than what i intended because this game and the ads reminded me of the market games today. Good graphics but everything else is mediocre compared to the lesser graphic games that actually focus more on gameplay than sight seeing.
Two stars for graphics and everything other than gameplay because gameplay should be the "meat (3 stars)" of a "game" 0.5 star for a smooth mechanics and no glitches in gameplay.
Should add a power up that one of the first space invader ship drops where it allows you to launch like 20 missiles or something at them, cause that would have been awesome.
Second boss you should add red targeted areas of the big ship to shoot that blows up once you hit it enough so it gives the sense to the player that they're actually doing something progressive and not just mindlessly shooting a big hunk of metal.
After that use your imagination.
I was going to be more critical but that seemed mean. 2.5 stars total.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Cool graphics... but without an autofire, I just can't play this.

Josepho responds:

Autofire added!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

well, the best thing I can say about this game is that the 3D graphics are very...3D. But they look very dull. The weapons fire and explosions are very flat colored, it looks like you are throwing paper mache balls or something at the bad guys. You need an autofire function, because clicking fire repeatedly is irritating. The "live action" radio communication were too cheap looking to add much to the game - a well drawn animation would have worked better. I liked the space invaders minigame at the end of the first level, very cute idea. Too bad it wasn't actually FUN. Unfortunately, I got seriously bored part way through the second level and quit.

Bottom line, you need to concentrate on the gameplay and make it enjoyable. And 3D graphics won't help if they're ugly.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

when your logo pops up after loading, it sits there for a LONG time, prompting you to click it, thinking that will continue the process, taking you to your website which was your goal from the start.

you used a dishonest method. you tricked people to get them to your website. when someone has to resort to deception to get views, you know with 100% certainty they aren't worth your time.

Josepho responds:

It takes extra time in some computers cuz its loading part of the 3D engine, sorry..


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, I can see why this doesn't have ratings that are that high. The graphics in this were freaking gorgeous! I think the main reason some people didn't like it is that it's kind of too big. It just seems like you go around and do nothing before the main action begins. I will say that it's satisfying when the ships get blown up and fall down to the buildings. The sounds are decent too.

I think the game itself seems to lag a bit. It's still fun the whole way through. My mom came in and saw me playing this and said it was one of the more cooler games she saw me play here. Everything is done in a pretty clear manner too. It must have taken forever to make this thing!

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Josepho responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)