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A cubicle worker, a student, and a cashier seek an escape from the rut of their daily lives, reflecting on their past, present, and future.


This movie relates very much to how I'm feeling currently, although I'm less of the mind to erupt in anger and wreak havoc due to my situation and more to simply try to walk away from it all and forge my own path. Out of the three characters in the animation, I definitely feel most connected to the student, as I'm currently going through higher education and share the feelings he expresses while in the classroom. But I see a bit of myself in the other two as well.

I had to watch this a few times to pick up on certain things; I'm thoroughly satisfied with all the different ways you portrayed the characters' feelings - which are made more memorable by the amount of detail in each - and the way they're all linked by the frustration each character is experiencing. The whole thing is very enjoyable and I'm positive I'm going to watch it some more.

There are obviously lots of ways to interpret why the characters are feeling the way they do - maybe they simply feel overworked, or perhaps they want to be in some other occupation - but what the animation made me think about more than anything is how humanity functions much like a giant machine, with students and workers filling the roles of cogs and gears, so to speak. This machine we humans are all in part connected to is nowhere near ideal, and its purpose is ambiguous. What comes of our efforts? We live in a world in which the poor make goods for the rich and the rich use their excessive luxuries to foster even more excess, driving us all down a path of insane consumption. But there is more to life on our planet than that, no? We humans have the power to create a world in which everyone can have access to clean water and healthy food, and be free to enjoy and appreciate all that nature has blessed us with. Sadly, that is not the reality; the machine doesn't operate in such a way. Perhaps if enough of us step back from the machine and the vast imbalance it produces, we can inspire a change in how humanity works and create a purpose worth striving for.

Anyway, I'm very happy I came across this movie, and I hope it touches others like it touched me. You did a wonderful job; thanks for sharing your work.

Hmm yeah, but that was kind of reckless and unrealistic, don't you think? I think they could have found a more clever and less destructive way of escaping the monotony of life, one that didn't hurt anyone - like, loads of people probably lost their jobs! Therefore the teenager's was my favourite. Good job, though.

The art wasn't very good but the composition and shots were perfect well done :D

First World Problems....

Gotta love them,
Join the Marine Corps and watch humanity at it's best, then you WILL LOVE sitting at a cubicle or going back to school...

I think I'd like to shop at the Lyndon Minimall... after the clean-up crew got through. So.. he ended living on a park bench? Good song.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
10:13 AM EDT