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A cubicle worker, a student, and a cashier seek an escape from the rut of their daily lives, reflecting on their past, present, and future.


I'm gonna feel like a cunt giving you your first negative review, but hey, got to have something to balance out all that positivity, right? Anyway, I'm sure you realize the artwork isn't the sharpest. It looks really dated. I wouldn't mention that if the flash itself was well made, but it isn't. Aesthetics aren't nearly as important as good storytelling, personally. The first word that came to my mind was "disjointed". People are talking about how meaningful the flash was in the comments, but I feel they created a lot of that meaning themselves. You give us a theme and we fill in the blanks, based on personal experiences. But the story telling was really unclear and muddy. The way it fades into the school setting right after the close up of cubicle dude's eyes? I had to read the description afterwards to realize that WASN'T a flashback. Doesn't help that he and the kid are almost a mirror image of each other.

Then there's grocery lady. At this point I don't know. Is this still a flashback (assuming your audience still believes it is at this point, which they probably do)? Is she the kid's mom? Or are we back in the present day and she's the love interest for cubicle dude? Are these people even related in any way? See what I mean? None of that is clear at all, and it's not ambiguous in a sophisticated way, it's just confusing. There are some bits and pieces of childrens' memories, but even those don't tell you much. I get that cubicle dude liked guitars as a kid, and therefore he still does, but to ask me to believe he just drags a whole sound system into his office from nowhere and starts playing sucks all the realism out of this.

Realism that a story like this needs to work. As the movie went from silent narrative to full-on music video I gave up on trying to follow what little structure there was or making sense of the theme beyond the usual 'menial jobs are bad, you need to pursue your passions' sentiment that comes with the territory. It's a jarring transition. Not to mention there's that obnoxious 'shaky cam' effect that artificially adds drama and weight--like his goals are so noble and he himself so passionate that the very fiber of reality shakes with reverence. It's a music video cliche, and one of the worst ones.

The rebellion of grocery lady is morally questionable as well, rather than being the big, justified rebellion and seizing of freedom that it's supposed to be. Pulling a fire alarm in a public place? You even show some of the potential horrible consequences of that action. That dude who fell probably got trampled to death. Or the kids knocking down shelves? Yeah, nothing could go wrong there. Turning your life around and asserting your personal freedom and individuality is done by quitting your job, maybe telling your boss to go fuck him or herself and doing what you want, not by ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF DOZENS OF PEOPLE AND MOST LIKELY GETTING YOURSELF ARRESTED.

I've really been enjoying all the attempts at making personal, serious, and meaningful flash movies lately, so I appreciate the effort. You just, really don't have anything to say here. Or if you do, you don't know what it is, or how to express it, which is a common problem of which many (including myself) can relate. Don't be discouraged, just see how you can do better next time. I really hate leaving bad reviews, but this concept needs some serious work.

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3 Words.All Worth It.

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This was awesome. a good reminder that we must let our hair down and let loose before we lose ourselves completely. Our jobs don't make us who we are, and we must remember that.

Koodos man!

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Awesome :D

Yeah, the problem is all of their futures are going to be the same as the old guy sleeping on the bench begging for change. Someone had to slave over a farm to grow your food. Someone had to risk their lives for your daily freedoms. Someone had to slave in a factory for your clothing, your car, your guitar.. the skittles too. Nothing is free. It's give and take. As children we have gifts that our parents may give us. But, when we grow up, it's time to stop being a bum. It becomes time to help your community in whatever small way you can. Earn the space you take up, the air you breath, the food you eat.. In the end.. not even dreams are free.

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