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An animation I made for Matthew Sabien for his music group The Sacred Omega, it's about people who have learning difficulties (aspergers syndrome) and how we try to fit in.

I took some experiences from other friends and My own experiences because I've got aspergers as well & shaped them altogether and put these experiences best I could into the animation to show what life's like through the eyes of someone with aspergers and how the world feels to them sometimes.

It took a few months to get the whole thing right and figure out what perspective to do this from as well but when I figured it out it all made a lot of sense.

Music belongs to The Sacred omega, I hope you enjoy My animation and let Me and this group know what you think of it, cheers :).


Great job

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sparkster28 responds:

Thanks man :).

The audio quality is poor and the animation is sloppy. Conceptually it does sort of work. I guess.

No understand.

sparkster28 responds:

It's basically about seeing life through the eyes of people with Aspergers & how we feel with some things, beginning person starts off slightly depressed then by the later parts really depressed (which happens sometimes with as, although not to the same extent as in the animation), it's just examples.

I was gonna use a realistic person but the contact wanted Me to use a stickman since he liked the sample I sent him last year and I went with that and I also thought it was easier to convey emotions through a stickman than a person I didn't want to make it too complicated.

I appreciate the rating & I understand this isn't going to be to everyones liking & this particular style of animation was done so it could match the situations well enough, this will probalby be a hate it or love it animation but I hope it atleast spreads more awareness of what it's like to live life with AS.

Thanks for the feedback.

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2.87 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
9:01 AM EDT