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Something's wrong with this Sandvich..!

Thanks to Linktube for the awesome voices work and Tom for the music c:

Hope you enjoy this TF2 parody !


I love your work, you know I love your work. I respond to most of your submissions. But I have my criticisms.

I've decided that your longer animations are in a realm between original content and creative retelling. This is good and this is bad, I'll give you some more words to consider.

I think you need to separate your ideas, especially in a parody. You don't need to parody everything all at once. The whole scout-medic thing could have been it's own animation, and in that animation you could have expanded on it and made it funnier. There's nothing more annoying than a scout spamming "MEDIC!" even though it sounds kinda cool BECAUSE it's annoying.

The heavy argument was pretty garbled. You probably know this. Consider subtitles?

And no replay button this time! I know my previous criticisms were that they were hard to find, but there isn't one this time! I hope this is just a gimmick to get more advertisement money.

As always, I look forward to your future work. I truly believe if you separate your ideas within a parody idea, the quality of the stories will dramatically improve. I think animations like "Cloock!" and "Gokar" are hysterical because they have no irrelevant story telling. They're simple, clear, and comedic. That's something you should really stick with.

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That's kinda fucked up- i must admit though i like the detail-me myself i wouldn't bother to make so detailed drawings i mean you did a lot of background.
miezebieze@ it's his MotherSister(like FatherMother from Zeno Clash) so you get a incest right in that flash animation fuck yeah dude ! in part two heavy and ms.MotherSister make out - hell yeah your wildest porn/videogame dreams come true ! Of course it's his wife you wanker.

Horrible. Sorry, but that wasn't funny at all. Good animation though.

4th place. IMPOSSIBRU!

I expected this to get a Daily feature.

sees spy crapping in sandvich

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3.84 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
7:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody