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Something's wrong with this Sandvich..!

Thanks to Linktube for the awesome voices work and Tom for the music c:

Hope you enjoy this TF2 parody !


wat... Favorite part: Medic killing scout! :D

The animation is well done and I liked how you didnt use the stock voices.

Great work :3 I love your animations, all of them, this one specifically takes a new yet well known look at team fortress, it almost exactly describes the multiplayer aspect of TF2. The only akward part in my opinion is that the part where Heavy comes hom to his wife, that part needed improvement in my opinon, it could have been better sown together. But as for what everyone else said, people need to calm the fuck down and enjoy it for what it is, Spazkid is being, well, a spaz, he dosn't think his work through very well and simply displays the humor of a 12 year old with ADHD. Your work on the other hand, keeps a complete focus on one subject and dose not make any swift curves in the story, and dose not resort to causeing complete idiocy in the story just to get a few laughs, every one of your works have made me smile especially if I can relate to it.

I thought this was pretty well done. I think it's nice that you didn't use the exact same old thing done in every parody of TF2. Sure some of it is old, Scout being a little shit, Sniper never getting head shots, Medic never healing. Eh, that is actually quite a bit. Anyway, I personally liked the fact that it looked like you "cartoonified" what looked like screen shots. It's a nice art style change, no Gmodders just dragging ragdolls around and making 10 screen shots without any lip-sink for the whole "movie". The humor though was a little dry, but the spy part almost killed me. Also, Spazkid and ChocolatEaterZ need to take the sticks out of their ass's an enjoy something for once. All in all, Good work. 4/5 8/10

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It actually really looked like cheap animation, at the beggining it just looked like you used the orginal "meet the heavy" vidéo.
And this kind of reactions/mouvement/dialogues clearly belong to Garry's mod, in flash it just look...bad.
Also you really need too improve the quality of the voices (material & impressions)

I just watched it a Third time to be sure ; You did motherfucking used the original tf2 "lines"(i don't know the proper english word to describe it) of the backgrounds and characters !

Shit, it's a really really cheap/lazy move to just take the already done work and just change the colors and textures to make it "new". Well you did make some stuff yourself ; the heavy and heavy's wife , the spy , the medic's face...

I love tf2 parody and it is by experience that i say you should'nt have done it like this but like another garry's mod vidéo.

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Jun 20, 2012
7:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody