The Muffin Man

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He eats children.

Thanks for the front page spot NG! I respond to almost all reviews :) For more info please check my latest blog post on my profile.


Sir, you've done the best and the scariest flash Horror comedy I've ever seen. The animation, the acting - It's just marbulous! *sorry for my bad english*
The way you put the horor moments is the most interesting. By playing totally unfitting happy music in them, you turning the cruel act of canibalism into joke.(sick but funny, I can say)

Gi-go responds:

Thanks very much sir, glad you like it!

What the fuck dude, there's no denying that it's does it's job well and is an excellent horror animation but you put it under comedy, seriously man where's the comedy??

Gi-go responds:

Me laughing at these reviews is the comedy sir

This shit got class,Love the setup of the story,love the character of the characters,love how the muffin've been made (Somehow...),in the end,I salute u

Gi-go responds:

Thank you

I have to agree with skullker...kinda, your animating style did leave some do be desired but, i don't have a problem with the gore or anything its art at this level of drawing. My only issue is the kids head seemed disproportional to his body considering the scrawny legs and arms, he just had a large head basically. Over all the voice acting was good, the ami..I'm sorry i mean work of art was excellent and very smooth. The reason i gave you 3.5 was because of the kids head and the random extended time of a transition screen. I know it was meant to be somewhere along the lines of from the kids view it just seems out of place in your animation if you watch the whole thing. Kudos other wise.

Gi-go responds:

Because all cartoon characters are proportional?

.ummmmm....wtf.......he was a zombie O_O....make another one the muffen man 2....with a kid that servives and goes home and crap like that then he wakes up goes downstaiers sees dead bodys(parends or brother or crap)and sees the muffen man seeking is revenge atlest make it like that that would be epic :D

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4.18 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2012
6:39 PM EDT
Comedy - Original