The Muffin Man

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He eats children.

Thanks for the front page spot NG! I respond to almost all reviews :) For more info please check my latest blog post on my profile.


Only someone could with a genius mind could include "Pokemans and Justin Beiber" into a film about a man eating children in the form of a muffin. I hope this becomes a series.

Gi-go responds:

Haha thank you sir. I hope so too.

Very original idea with lovely artwork. This short flash movie clearly shows to prove that fairy tales and horror stories are the two opposite sides of the same coin. If the good guy wins, it's a fairy tale with a happy ending. If the bad guy wins, it becomes a horror story that makes you drench yourself in cold sweat. And this movie is clearly of the latter.

While disturbing and grotesquely detailed in gore, perhaps excessively so (which of course also serves to exemplify your artistic skills in being able to draw them in such detail) it is not the movies that leave you disturbed and make you want to smash your fist on it or run away and hide, but rather the ones that you smile at and gently put aside or shrug off and forget easily that fail to deliver its theme. Therefore, this deserves praise in the sense of being able to elicit such a response in the audience to disturb it. A movie that is either loved or hated are the ones that one can say have succeeded.

The ending and building of tension is very well done as it complements the horror theme quite well. The jokes and attempts at humor are slighty corny, but perhaps they serve to let the dark theme and environment stand out even more.

If any suggestions can be made it is that for all the best novels, movies, etc, the most brilliant writers and directors always make a meaning to every character or item that appears and emphasize them. Everything that appears in the movie will reappear again and has a purpose. While I understand the that flash movies are not hour-long movies or full-length novels, there are parts I feel could have been done better. On the controller, I've read dominos, swarm of bees, trap door #7, mansion self-destruct, etc. They may be cameos or just references to other themes, but perhaps you could have made some appear again? Also, the purpose of the VHS-bot was unclear. Clearly, he was playing a reading of the Book of Ezekiel, but what was his purpose? Was it to warn or was it another reference? And who was the VHS-bot and what was he and why did he want to help if he did? With that, it would have opened a new window of ideas and opportunities. Perhaps the boy could attempt an escape (give us a bit of hope and then snatching it away when the Muffin Man wins anyway).

Another suggestion is the "show, but don't tell method." They are far more powerful than just tell, but not show. Using your movie for an example, which is more powerful? Telling us the muffin man eats children to maintain his health or showing it to us? Without the poem in the beginning, try flashing us a few pictures, hints of his laboratories, some machines. Some bones of children. Screams. And then replay the movie. And the child is kidnaped, dies and eaten in a muffin. Then perhaps you could show us the poem then, in the end, rather than at the beginning and then we finally understand what is going on. Don't you think that is a much more powerful way than just telling us the muffin man eats children in the form of muffins in the beginning?

So in summary, let every object or character have a purpose and emphasize it. Show, but don't tell.

4.5 stars for the originality and wonderfully fresh, while disturbing idea. The last 0.5 stars will be reserved for when you perfect everything. Everyone has room for improvement and those 0.5 stars will be given by me to the special few who can surpass themselves and constantly improve.

Recommendation for film: Viewer discretion advised. Keep away from children except during Halloween. And perhaps those that are too fat and you want him or her to lose weight. Or if you want to stop them from eating those muffins that keep disappearing.

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Gi-go responds:

Dang thanks for the giant review sir, I appreciate it!

I have bigger plans for Muffin Man, and I wanted this short to be a brief introduction to the characters and atmosphere so whoever watches asks the same questions you're asking. I didn't put anything in that doesn't have further purpose really. I never really enjoyed explaining things too much though, I like movies that let me fill in the gaps, so that's what I end up doing in my own stuff.

Thanks again, take care!

this is so scary reading ppls comments that now am scard before watching the show wow is i relly that scary?

Gi-go responds:

Only if you have raisin testicles.

i cant decide if this was entertaining or disturbing

Gi-go responds:

Decide quickly sir, time is money

oh wow, love the video! it's kinda like a saws movie, it's so creepy youu want to look away but you can't.

Gi-go responds:

Thank you!

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Jun 19, 2012
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