Numbered Bubbles

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Fuu... sion... Ha! 5 Points

Combine two bubbles

2222 10 Points

Pop at least 4 "Number 2"s bubbles together

T-T-T-Triple Pop 10 Points

With one movement pop 3 different groups

Endurance 25 Points

Survive Timed mode for at least 4 minutes

MAX 5 25 Points

Reach a MAX Number of 5 in any difficulty

MAX 6 25 Points

Reach a MAX Number of 6 in any difficulty

MAX 7 25 Points

Reach a MAX Number of 7 in any difficulty

MAX 8 25 Points

Reach a MAX Number of 8 in any difficulty

MAX 9 50 Points

Reach a MAX Number of 9 in any difficulty

Elite 100 Points

Pop a group of "Number 10"s

Author Comments

Click on a column to drop the next bubble there.
Group same numbered bubbles together in groups of at least their number to pop them.
Drag a bubble onto another to combine them if their sum is not higher than the MAX number.
Special bubbles vastly increases the score of the group when popped.
Increase your score to reach higher levels, increasing the MAX number.
After every 5 bubbles, a line of bubbles will spawn at the bottom, pushing everything up
If the screen gets filled or a bubble gets over the top of the screen, it's game over.
In timed mode, you have 5 seconds to drop or combine bubbles.


Love the game but it will not give me my Medal for 10 even though I earned it several times. May be because the internet was down for a while, but any way to fix it?


this is a very interesting game to play. i enjoyed it.
it is nice to choose what this fun game has to offer. the first mode is so much fun, and is my favorite mode in the game. things do go crazy in the timed mode. the medals are awesome. some of the medals are easy to get while playing this game.
Awesome Job with this game. Keep up the awesome work.
Peace out home dog.

This is actually from another game.

There is this app in the iTunes store called Numbers Addict, and this game copies Numbers Addict. The energetic techno music makes it hard to concentrate. I like the 8-bit style. The game itself is addictive, and you'll be playing this game for hours.

That was a rather interesting game, but it didn't come off as that good to me. I guess it just got frustrating with the sheer number of 1's that kept showing up. I wasn't even able to understand most of it. At least it was apparently made with the intention of being creative. The music was good too. I thought the transition effects, what few there were, were pretty good.

Everything was nice and shiny. I liked how it had an ambitious feeling to it, even if it didn't have much detail. It probably could have used more variety, but I guess that would have just made it harder. Bigger fans of yours should probably like this. It's fairly fine for what it is.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2012
6:02 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding