The War Cry

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An upgrade-based strategy game with Tower Defense elements.
Defeat the Goblin army! Hire miners to collect gold, train warriors and invest in upgrades and magic. Use you MOUSE for all.


I will be brief: I like the feel of this game- but it reminds me of similar games. The graphics and music are well done. I guess my only gripe is that nearly all of the text is in Russian/Cyrillic which may make the game difficult for many regarding instructions. I would recommend adding English and Spanish as language options.

I have only play the first few levels and have already noticed a few problems. When healing your troops sometimes the healing stops when they reach full heal instead of being cast for the full duration which is a pain if they are in combat. Mana regenerates too slow, so is the movement of troop. Good game in all though, keep up the good work

I played the first couple levels, but the troop movement was so slow... Am I missing a fast-forward button?

Also, it's pretty obvious that the enemy's troop production has nothing at all to do with their gold harvesting. A troop of archers is nigh unstoppable until they get near the walls, and then they're delayed by a flood of gold harvesters running interference for the real fighters. Doesn't matter how long my archers sit there camped on top of the enemy mine, the enemy harvesters and soldiers keep coming.

Lastly, the way that the enemy can build a tower behind my guys, in territory that I'm in control of... that seems like a bug.

Rather good game, enjoyable but the entertainment soon fades.

The graphics are really nice. I have no clue how good the game play might be.

The custom cursor moves so slow that I lost interest in playing. If you either optimized the game so it ran better, or allowed me to disable the custom cursor I think this game would be a very good game.

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2012
11:33 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense