The Suspense II

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Man is mortal ... This was and always will be ... But, if we can control what we predestined?
Travel between life and death ... Discover the beauty of life and the horror of death ...


Arrow - for moving

S - change time

Space - action

Regards, BlackSquare


finished it was awesome

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People find this review helpful!

the art looks good, the music is great but all i can do is (even after clicking on start) right click with my mouse and then clicking play to get from level to level. i can not even use the controlls. i hope that is a bug or a glitch because i am eager to play this game.

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Stage I : Memento mori- "In death I am reborn."
Stage II : Via est vita-"The way is life."
Stage III : De mortuis aut bene aut nihil-"Of the dead, either well or not at all."
Stage IV : N/A
Stage V : see Stage I
Stage VI : Oportet vivere- "Must live."
Stage VII : Hoc est vivere bis, vita posse priore frui-"This is to live twice, first to be able to enjoy life."
: Homo totiens moritur quotiens amittit suos-" A man dies as often as his friends."
: De mortuis nihil nisi bene-"Of the dead, nothing unless good."
: Cum morir, medium solvar et inter opus-"When he dies, he shall pay to the middle of the work, and between."
Stage VIII : Malum consilium consultori pessimum-" The worst of bad advice."
Stage IX : Nosce te ipsum- "Know Thyself."
Stage X : "You can't escape Death..."

Ur welcome =)

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i didnt play this game but it was awesome

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3.98 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2012
6:33 AM EDT
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