Turret Defense Hell

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I have a penny 5 Points

Collect 10 coins, in a single game.

Deploying a Turret! 10 Points

Buy 10 Basic Turrets, in one game.

Do the Time Warp! 10 Points

Buy 10 Time Dilation Turrets, in one game.

Say hello to my little friend. 10 Points

Buy 10 Cannon Turrets, in one Game.

Thump! 10 Points

Buy 10 Thumper Turrets, in one Game.

Why do the enemies have money anyway? 10 Points

Collect 100 coins, in a single game.

Mr. Vacuum Cleaner 25 Points

Collect 5000 coins, in a single game.

Uhh.... Wait. How did you do that? 100 Points

Buy 15 Time Dilation turrets in one game, buying no more than 5 of any other turret combined.

Author Comments

This game is a hybrid between a tower defense game and a bullet hell game. Be careful, however, since you can't sell your bought towers.

There are four different types of towers you can purchase within the game:

Basic Turret: This turret is your good old machine gun tower. Does good damage to one enemy. Costs 5 gold.

Cannon Turret: This turret does an aoe effect around the enemy it's bullet hits. Does less damage than the Basic Turret, but it can damage multiple enemies at once.

Thumper Turret: This turret acts much like the Cannon Turret, however it's range and damage is larger, and the attack is centered around itself instead of the nearest enemy.

Time Dilation Turret: This turret slows down all enemies and hostile bullets by a factor of 0.2. It's effects can not be stacked.

Update 19/06/2012:
Made the 'Uhh.... Wait. How did you do that?' badge worth 100 points instead of 50.
Basic Turret's fire rate has been slightly lowered. It's damage has also been cut in half
Cannon Turret's fire rate has been increased. It's damage is slightly lower
Thumper Turret's fire rate has been increased.
Enemies now fire quicker from when they spawn, but still have the same fire rate.
Enemies do not get as fast as quickly now.
Optimizations to help the game keep running smooth.


Love the concept

maybe something to add would be a structure you have to defend apart from your self. still a great game though, can't wait for a new version! =]

someone9999 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :).

Shameless copy of Turret Defense Hell (A.K.A the sequel) is being worked on. It will take a while, however, since I would like to spend more time on it than I got to on this one. 48hrs for a mini LD does not allow for very much polish, and when/if the second one gets released, it will have much more polish (including different modes, such as defending a structure).

It inspired me.

I really like the concept and I think I will make a clone in Python some time. So I don't think, I give You all of my ideas. :p
I would make the player's hitbox smaller and the bullets bigger to give it a 'real' bullet hell feel; You could then give the player less health too.
When there were many bullets, the frame rate dropped. I used this to cheat - limiting the cpu usage of the browser, I was able to easily dodge them.

Nice, simple, easy to understand (although I almost thought that the protagonist could shoot as well).

I must say, it's amazing how people can make such addicting games with so little actual substance to them (no offense). My one gripe is that the game tends to slow down a little bit when there's a large number of items on the screen, a product of my own crappy computer, I'm sure.

Either way, for your first ga--- nay, first submission, it's actually pretty decent. Congrats.

Very smooth controls complement the style of the game well. The crude retro art style is obviously forgivable in a game that is demanding of processing with all those pixels shooting around.

Though I know the appeal is in the simplicity, I was hoping you could've added a bit more variety in the game; instead of just making the units move faster, how about adding more types of enemies? Upgradable turrets? I felt you could've added something to add onto the dynamics and appeal.

Other than that, good game design! It's the idea that drove the game to be successful! It's not a contender of "the best game of the year" material but enjoyable game (for 1-3 play-throughs)

i think this game is a lot of fun i really dont know what it is about it but i really got addicted to this game wish there was some easier ways to get money because it starts really slow at first

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Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2012
3:24 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid

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