a game of grief

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For the last 4 months I have been working on my bachelor project, which is a concept for a game that would help teenagers deal with grief.

What you see above is a small introductory game that just explains the premiss for the game. If you would like to know more about the concept, please go to http://sylvesterhansen.wo rdpress.com

As a couple of people have commented o the same things, I will just explain myself. this project is glitchy as hell, I know. I am not a very skilled programmer, and have focused mainly on the visual part of this project. This game was never intended to be more than a quick demo illustrating the story of a much larger project. I am really happy that so many people have been possitive about the project, though. so thank you for all of the comments


Despite being a very brief demo, I still somehow glitched the game. After the mom went down the stairs, the daughter didn't follow and started walking on a diagonal axis through walls.

Other than that, there's not much to say. This isn't really a game, but I guess it's alright.

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Three and a half stars.

I love these types of games. Artistic with a deep meaning behind it. One that makes you think. Usually these get more stars. But alas, there was a fatal flaw. As soon as my character arrived at the metro stairs, she didn't walk down with her mother. Instead, she floated above the stairs. When I pressed the left key, she began to fly upwards off the map. There my story ended.

Therefor, I do believe you need to work on testing the game and fixing the bugs before you release it. Or perhaps to work on your programming. Perhaps you should team up with someone because your ideas and style should not be silenced just because of this.

I look forward to more content from you.

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The audio and the illustrations are amazing... the styles used at the end and at the gameplay matched amazingly well.

If you intend to make this a complete more complex project, I'd obviously recomend you to find someone who can program the game as you say you're not a very skilled programmer yourself.
I'm pretty sure that whoever sees this will want to help you out

Also, I have to say, I wish I had your skills to put the main ideas altogether into a playable game. You're awesome

this game as a game is awful with no game play its only art, sorry

This is like anti-Super Mario.

Run left and do nothing.

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Jun 18, 2012
2:12 PM EDT
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