AGG: Kirby and Metaknight

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So why IS Metaknight always following Kirby around and getting into his business?

Note from AGG:
This cartoon is the next episode in our AGG Toons series! I hope you guys like it! I have plenty more episodes lined up so I hope you'll check them out!

You can see more episodes of AGG Toons and our new series Zelda Uncut on my Youtube channel which is linked in the video :)

I'm hoping to eventually get all of the episodes uploaded here as well, but I usually update my Youtube first, so please subscribe! I have a lot more planned and on the way so please stay tuned! :D



Great flash with good voice acting and a funny ending explaining the mask. jsut thought i would add that in the crystal shard sereis for the N64 if i remember correctly meta knight wasnt in that game but i could be wrong . Also crystal star world 1 music ftw

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Good video and all, but... Logical issue. Isn't Meta Knight supposed to be A LOT older than Kirby? So all of this doesn't make sense. But then again video games don't either.

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It all makes sense now!
That's why he wants revenge in Kirby Superstar!
Well done. Haha. Poor MetaKnight... :'(
But, how did his voice become so deep?

Why is Meta Knight's mask a trash can lid?

It was pretty good and funny. There was a story to empathize with, jokes, sorrow, anger... but...
it had nothing to do with the universe Kirby is from or the actual history of Meta-Knight.
Instead you made up your own Kirby universe and your own origins for both Kirby and Meta-Knight.
Naturally, anyone who cares anything at all about the series would vote a 1-3 based on whether they care for the humor or not.
However, I found the animation pretty decent and that fan fiction is something to admire rather than loathe even if it goes way out of line.

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Jun 18, 2012
12:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody