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What women would like us to see and what men REALLY see !

As usual, all animation and audio done by me, Koit.

You can download this song from iTunes or Amazon. See the links in the animation.

You can also find me on facebook and youtube.

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Nice job.
I wish there was more fully fleshed out musical pieces on this site.

nice music i rate 5


catchy I will remember it for weeks tits tits tits =)

Interesting submission

And once again we have another flash here with some interesting visuals and some intersting scenes, I was pleased with this right from the start it grabbed my interest, now dont get me wrong there is some areas that does need some improvment and suggestions of making it better, and theres a number of ways that you can go about that, but more about that later, so overall this is notbad and i have enjoyed how this starts out. Now ofcourse there is some stuff that could be Utilised alot better and with more detailed effort. Ha well i did get a good laugh put of this, it was entertaining, and some parts were pretty amusing, i did think that some more scenes could have been shown, but it was pretty amusing, i like the ideas and concept ideas here, the animation seemed to come out alright, it was pretty good though i think i got the most laughs outof the concept and idea so good thinking and good effort on your part, As to improve im not sure, i suppose some "SUBTITLES" could come in handy here, but even besides that i have enjoyed it, and appreciate the hard work you have put thru here. So with all that said, this was pretty decent, allthough it could use more stuff and such, also suggested below, it was still pretty good just needs a tad more effort but it will pay off just keep working on it, and always do what is fun to you because that will make for a good flash so anyways keep up the awsome work, creativity is your friend.

I thought I would use this little area to help suggest some sort of improvments in making certain things better, so try some of these tips and ideas out as it can only make things better, and even bring you a better overall outcome. So again here are a few suggestions and ideas that will bring some good quality to this flash entry. So i was thinking as a suggestion of improvment you could add some subtitles, while itmay not exactly need it or it may but the thing is its a nice feature maybe it can even be something that users can toggle on and off.