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A combination of PacMan and Tetris.

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Really? Pac-man is yellow not purple...

I see thw tetris element but it needs more of a pac-man element. you could of at least made the guy yellow...

It looks sorta like the Tetris I've always wanted, where I can move the blocks over after they've landed. Except the blocks often land up against the sides, where I can't move them, Resulting in a pile going pretty much straight up each side. The collision detection is so poor that they often have large gaps or end up inside of each other. The jump mechanic is annoying, because my purple circle (pacman?) doesn't like jumping while up against the blocks, or (as often happens) partially inside a block. The lack of music/sound effects also gives the game a serious hit, as does the lack of instructions and a clear goal. Are we supposed to fill the lines up solidly, like the original Tetris? If so, the lines are rather long (15 squares by my count), and the blocks will need a way to rotate. I suggest something like "wasd" to control falling blocks, and arrow keys to control purple pacman. In addition, the block distribution seems to be a bit off, with the orange "L" most common by far (maybe 3/4 of the total block count), and so far only one yellow "square" even though my playing field is about half filled. I'm taking rather a long time to write this review, because it's a good concept, and I'd like to see you develop it more. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.

should be able to pick of pieces and move them around or something. pushing them doesn't help. and if that's suppose to be pac-man i suggest you change the color and open the mouth at least

didn't understand it, i saw the tetris bit, but there was no pacman elements except for a circle, bad game, bad idea, you need to redo everything if you want this to even be a remotely successful game