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Metroid fun time!

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Author Comments

I made this short about chubby chibi Samus and her little pal, baby metroid.

Hope you enjoy ^ . ^


EDIT: I made a proper ending to the video now. Thanks for the feedback everyone!


EDIT 2: I had forgotten teh credtis!

>Voices were courtesy of this guy:

>Some sounds were taken from Pennaz's YouTube channel:

>The rest of the sound effects were samples from Soundbooth.

>And teh happy track is this guy's work (link on the left):


WOW! 4th daily!!!
Thanks a lot guys, you just made my day!
I'll post some more content ASAP.
Luv ya =3

Characters designed by Nintendo.


I agree with the guy below me

Seeing this animation on the front page, I did not know what to expect. Samus is a serious, good looking, BAMF, and that being put with the title "Metroid Fun Time" made no sense to me. I click it, and what I saw brought me to reminisce in Pixar's short animations. This animation held all of those qualities that the Pixar short films have -- strong emotions evoked through expression (artistic and human), good music that matched the atmosphere, and a feel good ending-- and
that's without the millions of dollars that they have in stock.

I just need to say that these were my reactions when I first watched the animation. When I see fat, chubby (otherwise known as chibi) Samus walking in, I want to laugh, but I see "The Last Metroid is in Captivity" etched in red on the wall as she prances so happily, I hold such mixed emotions. She passes it, and I'm relieved. She then runs back naively to the Metroid casing, and I can't help but feel happy because of the innocence to it all (The "hmph", smile, wave and "hah!" don't help DX). With the expressions of a kid about to bring some trouble, I laugh seeing that she simplistically open the capsule.The music change with the Metroid attacking Samus makes me so sad, because she did it thinking that something interesting would happen and nobody would get hurt. I just say "No little Samus!" and want to take her out of the way and then... She puts out her hand stopping it (the toy squeak sound made this moment so amazing). The change of mood was so quick and flawless. Sudden happiness and the onslaught of Castle Crasher's Forest Entrance music brings out so much joy that it's hardly bearable. I chuckled at the kite and trampoline Metroid, but lost it when little Metroid is attempting to suck the life force from Samus unsuccessfully. Samus' epiphany to suck on the Metroid killed me from the laughter (how dare you make tears of laughter come from me >:O). And then you make me tear up seeing that chibi Samus is suddenly all alone again. D: Her sigh and downtrodden expression are absolute tearjerkers. And then you break up the depression with a chibi space pirate ready for Samus to glomp.

Just so much greatness. The Metroid's "angry" and "scared" faces were great by the way. The animation's fluidity was impressive as well. Its waviness and flowing sends the right amount of cuteness to all of us. Samus' hair, the Metroid's "claws", and the eyeball motions worked amazingly! Well picked music too! I'm just a little bothered that you broke the drone apart in the beginning. I'm just picky with my sounds, but it was definitely not noticeable the first time 'round.
It bothered me more that the Metroid's "attack" music was not meshed in with the "tension rising" music. As I said, just being nitpicky. Samus' hair tie disappears too in a couple of scenes, which threw me off at times too. It was just magically tied hair! >:D Great job with minor details like eyebrows, eyelashes, the mist effect, Samus' eye highlights, the constant motion of lines,
the Metroid's figure 8/sin wave motions, the shadows, Samus' finger pushing the button in, the "rushing lines" during the Metroid's attack and the compression marks on the Metroid as Samus jumped on it. Not only that, but the backgrounds were well made. Not too distracting or too dull. Very technologically advanced, fitting Samus' world so well. Some music (possibly the same
one as the montage) playing in the background of the replay button would have been awesome. You did amazingly, and I hope that you make many other videos like this!

P.S. Favorite animation was ghost-like Samus riding the Metroid with just her jaw! >:D

TL;DR - Fantastic animation, everyone needs to watch it!

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SheepOvatsug responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback ^ ^

I'm still relatively new to Flash or animation, so I try to make up for my lack of skills/talent with my passion for videogames and for drawing. Besides, I'm willing to practice and to learn and comments like yours just motivate me more!

Thanks again man! You just made my day.

Cute and creepy as fuck at the same time.

Oh well, 5 star!

funny and cute i like it 5 stars dude ( makes me feel good inside for some reason )

the first, last, and only thing that comes to mind, is cute. SO CUTE!

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2012
1:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody