Doggy the Dog 1

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Protagonist is a Doggy the Dog of an ancient breed called the DoMaya (Dogs Maya). Many thousands of years ago dogs from this family line created a Golden Bone, which acted as a source of infinite energy. Having found out about the creation of the relic, many evil creatures wanted to steal it and use it for their own ends. DoMaya decided to shatter the bone and hide its remains around the world so that none would ever find it. Unfortunately, the evil P. Rofessor found out about the locations of the shattered bone pieces and now seeks to use the bone to conquer the world. He has created a terrible zombification machine, and the energy provided by the Golden Bone will be enough to finally make it operational, which will lead to the entire world turning into mindless slaves! Find and collect all the bone fragments and do what DoMaya civilization failed to do so long ago: destroy Golden Bone by throwing it into the volcano within DoMaya temple.
Choose one of two types at the CONTROLS option in main menu

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I remember playing this when i was younger and wanted to find again to see if i can beat now, it was really hard to find this game again and i stomped upon by coincidence, after becoming happy with it i see that i didn't lose so much for not getting very far when i was younger.

I like your game and idea behind, but there are some problems, but starting from whats good: the music is pretty cool even thought i was annoyed by some like the water level one, overall the music is good, the character design is pretty cute, i like the cartoonish vibe i can see that your art can be really good, and lastly i really love the interactions, now that im grow up i can puzzle better and i really liked mostly of the things, level 1 can be frustrating bc of the trampoline but i like how he forgets he knows to dig, the squirrel with gun, i like level 2 too, even though 2 is too long it was satisfaying, level 3 onwards were becoming worse, first level 3 was confuse , i didn't have the spetacular vibe of level 2, i ended up pressing s in everything in tht level, the only good thing in level 3 was platforming with lasers and the disguise, level 4 was hard to get used to the swimming but actually is really good, too much hazard but oh boy, i love the jellyfish being used as electric source and the puff fish exploding, that was neat, i only didnt use the hook bc i didnt have any idea where i could use, level 5 was the end of my run, i ended up going for the code, and couldn't go back, that error made me give up bc i couldn't play all again.

the problems beside the level 5 and minor things in level were hazards, sometimes too much, controls sometime you needed to jump to interact, some cases like level 2 i couldnt open the door only if i did use the bulletproof in the fire barrel so i couldnt proceed... took some time, also unintentional deaths from falling and bc after level 1 YOU CANT LOOK DOWN!, the game could have more variety, more speed to it and even a checkpoint/save, thats all i can think of now, i wish i could play more, i wish this was a platformer with less puzzle and more speed in movement, bc your character is good, it can be a great 2d platformer, i like the game and i wish it was better, it seems you never came back here, i hope one day you make another game man, good luck

a good concept but there could be some improvement. the speed could be faster, some of the jumps were impossible because of the speed. a checkpoint feature would be nice as well.

This Reminds me of Odie from Garfield

You should be able to move faster wish you could start at beging of area and just put checkpoints so if you lose all your lives you dont have to start from the begining You really shou increase speed nusic is ok. I think it should have sound in the begining.

hes too slow but fun game

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3.03 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2012
6:41 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other