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Legend of Korra

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This movie is 30 fps but Newgrounds made it worse! Thank you all for watching. I wanted to make a Legend of Korra parody before the show airs but I failed cuz I don't have enough time or maybe it's because I suck ass. I didn't finish the whole thing because I feel busy now and I think it's still gonna suck ass even if it's finished; I mean just take a look at it. I've been a newgrounds member for over 2 years now and you folks could imagine how old I am right now. I finally got a job now and I don't have the time I use to have anymore but I guess it's ok cuz all my flashes suck ass.
I hope none of you is offended. I love watching Legend of Korra; it's my favorite show now. I like Dragon Ball as well but not as much as LoK.
I got sounds/music from stone bucket, partners in rhyme, dragon ball videos, Team Four Star (I hope they're not pissed), Legend of Korra, Black Ops, and some other places I probably could not remember. Can I ask LoK fans a question? Is there gonna be a season 2? If so, When is it coming out.
Thank you all for watching. There'll be a LoK season finalle this Saturday, and I can't wait to see it.


Buuuuullllshiiiittt Vegeta would waste Korra.
Still I liked what you did here man good work!

i give it 3 stars

I will give it 3 starts. I liked it, and better animation then I could ever do. But I was a Dragon Ball Z fan years ago when I was a Teenager. Yeah Gt sucked Poodoo but I saw this and was like WTF? 3 for Animation and the Vegeta Voice overs. But the whole theme of it all was rather confusing and stupid

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GregoryShitcock responds:

Seriously! nobody knows any of the songs?!

fricki'n hysterical!!!!

Dude, that was fucking hysterical. The poor bastard had his nuts knocked into his skull.

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2012
9:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody