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Super Counterfeit Gaiden

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This game was made for the 7 Day FPS Game Jam - so it's pretty quick and easy! Practice your shooting skills and then go in for the kill! Sorry there aren't more levels/enemies - if you really like what I've got here let me know with some good reviews and I'll revisit this game later! :)

The story is this: You're part of an elite squad and you've been called on to take out some super tough gang who has been producing counterfeit purses, or watches, or Oakley's or something. Who cares? Just shoot!

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Enjoyed this game quite a bit. Made me think of the target practice sequence in Policenauts. Thus, what you need is some accuracy modifiers and and a counter for the number of time you hit a target, also you should add in some boss' for a bit of spice. Good job!

I love the little interactive bits in it. Made me realize how much I miss that in classic arcade games. Music is great too.

This game has good graphics and a fun soundtrack! The feel is really good! I'd like to see MORE levels!@ and a story line with it. Also a weaponshop would be really cool to make this game a valuable insert for the free online games community! 3/5 because there's only 1 level

great, it's like the old games of the arcades, 4 star because there is an useful practice mode

Hmm... the best under judgement game I played so far, so good job with that and with the whole grapics and effects of shooting the background objects. Little things like that make a big difference. Sadly though, that seems that was the only level and also the only practice level too. A nice platform game and slightly addictive. Just too short :l. 3.5 out of 5