N3rd Boy

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Author Comments

A vertical speedrun platformer and a parody to Meat Boy. This brutal wall-jump affair gets harder and harder and even more harder as you progress through the 42 murderous levels - all mixed up with a nerdy story

- Music composed by Dennis Keitel
- Entry for StencylJam2012
- Featuring the random giggling guy and his cake secret(!)
- Coming soon to iOS... NOT

Watch the credits for cheatcodes and hints (press "i w c" at the same time in the level select screen) :)
Thanks to all people and cats who made this possible.

If you wanna host this game, please use this version: http://codinsoft.de/games /n3rd-boy/

Kudos to Team Meat.

UPDATE - 2012-06-24
- reduced wall stickyness
- minor bugfixes

Thanks so much guys for all the feedback and the exposure on Newgrounds.


It's a good game, a nice concept, but the controls aren't as good as they need to be to make it as great as it could be. You stick to the walls for too long when trying to just fall, and it just feels kinda... sticky. Overall, it's a good game, though.

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knarrenheinz responds:

Thanks. I just uploaded a new version with reduced stickyness :)

The game was based on a good idea, however, what made me stop was the walljump. It was really annoying that you would just stick to a wall and move like a slug when you touched it. It would be better if you would stick to a wall for as long ass you press the arrow key in its direction (for example --> ||) and you should fall fast if you release it. It bugged me that at the moment i touched wall, i had to wait until i was past the spike on the wall next to me, instead of just falling past it. If you would improve that, it would be a good game i think.

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knarrenheinz responds:

Thank you. Due to all the feedback I reduced the stickyness and made some other little changes.

Seems a nice game, i have played trough till level 14 when writing this, the story describes my live xD except the thing that steals my pc lol
And that giggling thing, it really creeped me out at first xD , it was just to random lol
love the game and it is a nice parody of meat boy, you see the the source of inspiration reflecting in your game, which is a good thing i think, the only thing that annoy's me (not really but idk how to put it in words) it is that you can just get the disk and kill yourself, which kinda takes the trill away of getting and surviving , but it is fun to try to do it legit anyways :)

good and fun game in my mind ^^

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knarrenheinz responds:

To be honest, in the first version of this game you weren't able to suicide grab the floppies.
I changed it due to the fact, that it annoyed me a lot during playtesting...

However, I'm gonna give it some thought. Thanks.
And lol about your giggling experience, hehe. There's more to it than just giggling you know ;)

Found this crazy bug where when you try to start the game it makes Firefox freeze. Might be me, might be you. I tried twice and it froze both times, though. So it might be worth looking in to.
Sorry I can't give a proper review.

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knarrenheinz responds:

Please see this thread for more information about the flash/firefox problem:

tip: you can walk on the sides of wall spikes

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2012
5:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other