N3rd Boy

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Author Comments

A vertical speedrun platformer and a parody to Meat Boy. This brutal wall-jump affair gets harder and harder and even more harder as you progress through the 42 murderous levels - all mixed up with a nerdy story

- Music composed by Dennis Keitel
- Entry for StencylJam2012
- Featuring the random giggling guy and his cake secret(!)
- Coming soon to iOS... NOT

Watch the credits for cheatcodes and hints (press "i w c" at the same time in the level select screen) :)
Thanks to all people and cats who made this possible.

If you wanna host this game, please use this version: http://codinsoft.de/games /n3rd-boy/

Kudos to Team Meat.

UPDATE - 2012-06-24
- reduced wall stickyness
- minor bugfixes

Thanks so much guys for all the feedback and the exposure on Newgrounds.


The character is WAY too sticky. You should only stick to walls when you press against them with the controls, not just because you're close enough. Also, consider WASD as a control option.

Also, did you play this game? It's pretty difficult starting around stage 14.

When I played this game I felt like I was playing Megaman Zero without enemies or weapons, but with worse controls.

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The fact that this made front page makes me sad. The fact that you're going to try and profit off of this on the App Store is even sadder. This game is bad. You put no effort into this, and you know it.

No originality. You didn't sit down and think, "I need an idea for a game!" You thought, "Hey, let's make a game where you use the arrow keys to move! And spikes! This is front-page material!" This has been done a million times. If you're going to make the most unoriginal game, you better do it damn well. Somehow, you screwed it up. You managed to take a tried-and-true genre and screw it up. Why? Absolutely no creativity, love, or effort went into the making of this.

Alright, let's get down into the nitty gritty. What did go wrong in the gameplay? Level design? I got about halfway through the lava world before I quit. There was no challenge at all. The levels were designed so poorly that most of the solutions involved 1-wall wall-jumping to the top of the level. Or maybe wall jumping to another wall so I could 1-wall wall jump off of that one. Each level felt exactly the same. The Razors weren't much different from spikes. Lava was just a reskin of spikes. The blocks that broke never regenerated after time. This meant if I accidentally touched some blocks, I could end up breaking the level and have to manually restart. Physics engine? Mediocre. If I want to get off a wall I'm sliding, I feel like I'm stuck to it for a few seconds. Furthermore, the sliding speed is static (slow, too), meaning I don't accelerate at all sliding down. The screen size is so awkward, as it was obviously built around an iPhone's screen size. You could have at least built it around the landscape (horizontal) screen format so that I could actually see the platform I'm jumping to.

But maybe there are redeeming qualities! The music? There's... one song. In the entire game, you only managed to crank out one repetitive loop, which was just a variation of the main menu theme. Well, zero effort there. Not a surprise based on the rest of the game. Story? I might disregard the terrible gameplay if the main focus of the game was to tell a story. However, the story was practically non-existent. This is fine if the game is good in its own merit. But this game isn't. Graphics? Simple 8-bit sprites and cookie-cutter levels. Once again, not a problem if the gameplay is good. This isn't the case.

This is a "homage" to Super Meat Boy. This game is Super Meat Boy without: hand-drawn graphics, varying gameplay, more than one song, decent physics, a challenge, multiple characters, and varying obstacles. It is worse than Super Meat Boy in almsot all aspects. I'm not expecting you to rival such an amazing game, but you could at least try.

tl;dr zero effort and it shows, bad game, please put some thought into your game next time

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knarrenheinz responds:

Well, haters gonna hate.
Also: The game will be available for free in the App Store ;)

Too bad it's not original, you didn't even add your own stuff to make it less repetitive. However, I like the art and the physics, but I don't like how it's so...slippery, esp. in midair, and that's never a good thing, esp. if there's spikes involves. Hope to see a better, less repetitive version of this game, double jumps, upgrades...etc. would be nice too.

thi amees yomputr

walljump and walljump and walljunp... at the begining was funny, but borring in shortly time

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2012
5:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other