N3rd Boy

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Gawker 10 Points

Watch the Intro

Speedrunner 25 Points

First level in under 5 seconds

All Discs 50 Points

Collect all floppies

D3ath Boy 50 Points

Die 1000 times

Nyargh 100 Points

Slay the Nyan Cat

Our Hero 100 Points

Complete the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

A vertical speedrun platformer and a parody to Meat Boy. This brutal wall-jump affair gets harder and harder and even more harder as you progress through the 42 murderous levels - all mixed up with a nerdy story

- Music composed by Dennis Keitel
- Entry for StencylJam2012
- Featuring the random giggling guy and his cake secret(!)
- Coming soon to iOS... NOT

Watch the credits for cheatcodes and hints (press "i w c" at the same time in the level select screen) :)
Thanks to all people and cats who made this possible.

If you wanna host this game, please use this version: http://codinsoft.de/games /n3rd-boy/

Kudos to Team Meat.

UPDATE - 2012-06-24
- reduced wall stickyness
- minor bugfixes

Thanks so much guys for all the feedback and the exposure on Newgrounds.


oh look it's a super meatboy reskin. come on..make an original game.

...Still a better love story than twilight

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this is just a copy of super meat boy....

I got through level 1 in 5 seconds, and then in the end you get 0.1 more second FUUUUUU!!!!!!!

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Its a fine game, I would love it if you added a lot of nerd-related unlockables, like a gameboy advance that the character runs around with, different shirts and laptops that are held in the offhand, and generally add something to the game to make it good. Right now, there's no reason for me to ever return to the game, because the level unlocks and gameplay aren't good enough for me to want to play the game just for them. Add unlockables, and maybe proclaim this as a beta version, and come back with the great game that this is close to being, just isn't yet.
And good luck, nice start!

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2012
5:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other