N3rd Boy

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Speedrunner 25 Points

First level in under 5 seconds

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D3ath Boy 50 Points

Die 1000 times

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Slay the Nyan Cat

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Author Comments

A vertical speedrun platformer and a parody to Meat Boy. This brutal wall-jump affair gets harder and harder and even more harder as you progress through the 42 murderous levels - all mixed up with a nerdy story

- Music composed by Dennis Keitel
- Entry for StencylJam2012
- Featuring the random giggling guy and his cake secret(!)
- Coming soon to iOS... NOT

Watch the credits for cheatcodes and hints (press "i w c" at the same time in the level select screen) :)
Thanks to all people and cats who made this possible.

If you wanna host this game, please use this version: http://codinsoft.de/games /n3rd-boy/

Kudos to Team Meat.

UPDATE - 2012-06-24
- reduced wall stickyness
- minor bugfixes

Thanks so much guys for all the feedback and the exposure on Newgrounds.


For now lets ignore the fact that it was inspired from Meat Boy. As a game, it's capable of holding some replay value (which is important for most games), if you dont mind the small monotony of the graphics and song and what not. There are 2 things i believe would make this better:

1) Add the ability to control the player with the WASD control scheme (where W= Up, S=Down, A=Left, & D=Right) "along" with the arrow control scheme. This way People with those different preferences can play the game comfortably.

2) Edit the wall jumping mechanics. The reason why is because sometimes you can just be "by" the wall and start sliding when instead you want to drop down fast. That probably wouldnt be an issue if you could just "tap" the direction away from the wall and drop down, however, it seems you have to hold the opposing direction for a while to jump, which can be detrimental in the wrong situation. Perhaps you can just make it so that "tapping" in the direction opposing the wall makes you drop from the wall. Also, if you want to, make it so that you dont activate the wall slide until you press direction going towards the wall (or make this an enable/disable option in the option/settings). Since you kinda float anyway this would allow you to get close to the wall without sliding perhaps.

On a side note, i like the fact that you didnt make it so that "touching" the side of the spikes doesnt harm you. Hate stuff that pulls that NES logic on me.. lulz.

[Some After Thoughts: Notice how you float when you jump and move? If possible (and if you want to, of course), perhaps you can make slider that adjusts how much you float in game.]

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knarrenheinz responds:

Thanks for the viable feedback. I completely agree with you about the WASD controls.

LOL you can step in theparts of the spike thet not spiky

knarrenheinz responds:


Pretty cool game but I thought that the controls were a bit wonky.

this isn't a parody/homage as you stated. it's just a game in the same genre. which is fine. it's just that you felt unoriginal so you felt the need to try to get out of criticism by claiming it was a super meat boy parody/homage.

if you get a disk and die in that level you shouldn't still have the disk collected. you should have to beat a level with the disk to get to keep it.

the way it is now you can just suicide to grab a disk, then you have it.

i see no way to do level 1 in less than 5 seconds. i played it pretty near perfectly and was over 6 seconds every time.

also, wall jumping didn't feel quite right.

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knarrenheinz responds:

I disagree with you in every possible way.

1. It is a parody. It's oriented on the original flash meat boy.
2. Losing a floppy after dying is just a pain in the ass, that's why you can suicide grab it.
3. Just because you're not fast enough for the level 1 medal doesn't mean it's impossible. Try harder!!

EDIT: Sending me angry mails doesn't help you to solve map1 ;)

That's like meat boy alot :) the evil took the computer away = Dr. Fetus get away with bandage girl
The wall jump is a lot similar to meat boy wall jump as if you press the other direction he don't fall of the wall until timer is out :) and that's what tommy implement in meat boy :)

Overall nice game :)

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2012
5:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other