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Survivor Plane

rated 2.64 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight

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Jun 15, 2012 | 10:07 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Survivor Plane is a one-on-one top-down shooter game based on my old game (an actual top-down shooter, not made with Flash) which were lost when a thunder struck somewhere near my house.

First, I'm sorry for the horrible music, lack of sound, game being too short and broken hitbox (they all take the form of square shape), I don't know how to make the hitbox according to the actual shape, I'm new to making game with flash.

I spent too many time in making backgrounds, and the game's small, but I hope you enjoy it.

Use arrow keys to move and hold Q to shoot fireballs, and beware of the square hitbox especially for your fighter plane and your opponent's. If your aircraft hits your opponent's, you will receive damage constantly according to your opponent's full HP.

Again, this game was just a small game, I'll make something better next time.

Review pls :)



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

could have used a bit more work and maybe some power ups or something. Just not that exciting. It would be nice if your ship was a bit faster too.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

First of all your ship is too slow, it has this annoying "I have to move but I cannot move" feeling. I 'd also recommend you to decrease the size of your hitbox, so dodging the shots gets more possible. (a lot of popular comparable shooters have a hitbox with the size of 1 pixel, for example bullet heaven, check it out if you want to: /566417)
You could also add upgrades and stuff, but that's optional.

LeoGautama responds:

Actually I played Bullet Heaven, it was a really nice game.
I at first want to add upgrades in this game and make the initial speed slow, but later decided to make this a small game and I'll make a better game after this game, but didn't increase the speed. Sorry :(


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad for your first game, and you were really honest about it too. So I will go more into the game design just as feedback for what could be :)

Firstly, one change could make a lot of difference in adding to the fun factor, and that is the speed of your ship. The game would be a lot more fun if you could zip around really quickly. It's always what makes top-down shooters fun. If a faster ship makes the game too easy, you can increase the amount of projectiles that you have to dodge to keep it balanced :)

Improving the speed of your own bullets would help too!

As for the good things, I really liked the detail about the enemies which added a lot more than simply seeing an enemy and shooting it. That little bit of polish really does add to games and I hope you keep doing that with your future projects :)

Additionally, I appreciated how you gave each enemy ship a personality. This is surprisingly forgotten in a lot of games where the next boss is just faster or stronger. Also, the little details like ship #4 who doesn't have a set path, but actually tries to ram you based on where you are. That was a nice touch. It allowed me to stratergise more by moving to the top of the screen to send the boss upwards, allowing me to duck under and have more time to shoot back. Really liked that bit!

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LeoGautama responds:

Thanks for the review, next time I'll be making a top down (or horizontal) shooter I'll be sure to make the ship possible to move quickly, since it seems to be quite a big issue.