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Alter Igor (new)

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Superhero card strategy RPG for Stencyljam 2012
Controls: mouse
Click the help button or press 'H' to view help screens
You can view the battle tutorial again from the Awards screen

This is an updated playable(!) version. The first version was NOT stolen, it had the wrong sitelock.
Sorry everyone, it's not easy being a noob.

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Yes, it's complicated in the first minutes to understand what to do, but that's because no one reads the tutorials, so it's a self-inflicted fault.

For a stencyl game, this one is very innovativ and has a nice idea behind the gameplay.

My suggestion is to add newgrounds medals that will be available when you get some in-game awards to make your game more rewarding for registed players.

Way too much on the screen at once. Visual clutter + no highlights to show what's clickable = utter confusion! Maybe it's just not my type of game, although I did love to play yugioh as a kid. Also the tutorial would have benefited from having the player actually click on buttons they'd be clicking on in-game, rather than just clicking next and being barraged by a procession of text. You've probably seen this in a lot of games, and I know it's more difficult to implement, but after the tutorial I really had no idea how the game worked and I just didn't feel like redoing it was worth the effort. And just so you know it's not just that I'm lazy or anything. But from the complexity of the rest of the game, I think you could probably do the tutorial the way i described.

monkeydoodledo responds:

Making an interactive tutorial wasn't worth the extra time for this project (see next review). If people can't get on with it as it is then they probably won't like the rest of the game anyway!
I made this to learn how to do certain things in Stencyl and entered it in Stencyljam 2012 because it's something different, innit? I thought a lot of people wouldn't be interested in a heavily text-based game but those who are OK with that might glean some enjoyment.

nobody is gonna bother readin the tutorial tbh