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Sequal to "Eulogy for:" .
What happens when a flash passes Judgement?
This apparently.


I like this. The animation was solid and not too choppy and I liked the gladiatorial depiction of Newgrounds as a site. However there were two elements that I didn't care for in the animation and were hard for me to overlook. The first and most prevalent flaw was the usage of speakonia. Now speakonia can be okay when used sparingly, but here every character seems to be using it and they all are barely audible. I thought it was a problem with my speakers, but that isn't the case as the very abrupt shouting at the end I could hear easily. All in all, real voices would have been better and added a nicer touch to the entire animation. Another problem that was hard to ignore were the photo shopped weapons. Again photo shop can be good if used well and for some it can be a way to not show off their horrible drawing skill (trust me, I'm bad at drawing). But here, they look out of place. One in particular would be the axe with it's pixel aesthetic doesn't mesh well with the rest of the animation. Other than the two glaring flaws, the flash is pretty good.


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Heh cute, cant help but to reminese on one of my first flashes, "the newgrounds system" =)

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mandog responds:

Thats what it was based on believe it or not.

the voices hurt my ears to listen to. that and the narrative
i mean its not necessary to have your characters say something like oh hes covering his eyes ill cut in between his block. it just sounds and looks too rough man.
also you should add music

Uh... voice acting is um... not that great. The flash looks like it was made with flash 8... you need to work on it.

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mandog responds:


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Jun 15, 2012
7:40 AM EDT