ICE - Solitary

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Arrows to move, Space/up to jump.

Play through the story of a lone survivor trapped on a barren planet and fearing for his life.


Why do you torture me like this?!
I can't..............stop.

Bad poetry? Check. Poor collision detection of spikes? Check. Frustrating controls? Check. Random mismatched ice tiles? Check.

This game is like a party. The only thing missing is fun.

Ok, I'm not going to repeat what everyone else has been saying. I have a few other things to say, though. First off, the music really fit well with the mood of the game. It became more intense as the story did. Secondly, you did a great job of putting the story right on the game screen, so we don't have to sit and watch cutscenes. Thirdly, the game was challenging without being frustrating, so even though I often messed up and died, I didn't want to quit. Great job, and I can't wait to see more from you in the future! Don't listen to the haters, the game isn't frustrating/crappy like those first few reviews made it out to be.

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tamaster92 responds:

Thank you! I mean it's far from perfect but those are problems I'll fix in future games

i hate the ending.
made in stencyl ..
add medals i like medals..

tamaster92 responds:

Thank you!

I enjoyed this very much, I was waiting to see if some big climax was going to happen, it kept building and building, the sun getting lower and lower in the sky, what would happen once the sun goes down? and then.. The end?! Curse you for making me want more! lol

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tamaster92 responds:

Thank you! Yes the ending and indeed the whole plot seems to have a been an abject failure.. But oh well! At least I know to fix it now.

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3.04 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2012
4:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other