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An animated adaptation of a comic I made last year. You can see it on my website, http://mediamuffin.com/40

It sums up my three years of working in fast food. It was hard but I found ways to keep myself entertained. People will eat anything.


There was a Subway that I always went to, and I would always give the same employee a really complicated order. Eventually he became fed up with it, so he would write "I hate you" and "Never come back" with mayo on my sub.

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hehe now i know how subway feels?

Why didn't I think of that...
I mean the only thing I drew during the short career I had as an "artist" was freaking boobs... Only three customers noticed, and one of them was rather large breasted. They all laughed, and the boobage lady just gave me a weird pervert look. Now that is genius. If I work there again, penises galore.

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justgoes to show that if you put a penis in your animation it gets on the front page

Lol, I love it. As a cook in the food service industry, I am so glad I never have to actually deal with customers; leave that to servers and hosts/hostesses i say. All in all, this was spot on, from the customers picky attitude, to the dirty food jokes. The twitch at the end was great, its like you watch people destroy the food you worked so hard to make, only to be filled with a mixture of pride and irritation. As you turn around to repeat the process over and over again for yet another shift, you cant help but mutter under your breath "you bunch of fuckin assholes"

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Jun 13, 2012
4:46 PM EDT