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The queen is dying. Save her.

A short adventure made for Ludum Dare 23.

Arrows to move.
Z to use sword (If you have it)


the ending sucks!,you got to do all that work just to die but everything else was awesome!!! 4.5!!

I liked the music a lot. It brought me back to the old terranigma days.

simple and fun, good game but its very small

While the game offers nothing more than stiff controls, a rather small, uneventful map, and a basic plot that just goes to show that it's 2deep4u to some people, it's at least acceptable because of the fact that you made this in a short time. Add to that, the loss of the populace regarding the area is a nice foreshadow to your demise.

If you plan on making any more, I suggest going away from simple plot twists that everyone's done before. Also, try to make every area diverse and different, like endeavor did with it's map. That, and work on the controls. They are really stiff.

Other than that, 3.5 stars. You have a basic game here, with a simple twist, but the potential I see in it is just limitless. That, and I'm a big sucker for foreshadowing, which you did amazingly, by the way.

Keep it up, hoping to see more from you.

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haha i loved it especialy because of the end wich i kind of expected i would love see a part 2 or and improved version 1 with more storry maby some puzzles more enemy`s magic? i dunno go crazy with it :D you the controles where nice and easy and the game dident have any lag and the music quality was verry good and fitting to the game you did a great job

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3.18 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2012
1:02 PM EDT
Adventure - Other