Robot Dreams

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The robot Elvex has rather disturbing dreams. His creator - Dr. Rash takes Elvex to her supervisor - Dr. Calvin for a positronic brain examination. Original story by Isaac Asimov. Animated by Hristo Atanasov. Featuring the voice talent of Mick Lauer and Sapphire. Please do not confuse "Robot Dreams" with "I, robot". They are both stories written by the same author - Isaac Asimov, who invented the 3 Laws of Robotics and used them in many of his creations.
The movie is 7:40 minutes long. Thanks for watching!

- Hristo Atanasov (RatherRandom)


That was the amazing flash I have seen.

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Absolutely brilliant.
I love that you can change the color. That was definitely an added bonus
Bravo! 5/5

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Interesting flash...A little weird though. The voice acting was Quality, and the ability to change the colors was very unique.

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I'm a little confused about the video. I couldn't tell if this was a comedy about a robot's odd dreams involving some rather questionable things or a something more serious regarding the three Laws of Robotics and whether or not a robot's existence is treated as humane or not. In my opinion had their been more focus regarding the more serious parts I mentioned it would have probably made more sense to me and it could lead into a little series even with Elvex being being repaired by like-minded robots who want freedom.
The last thing I write is that I have not read the original story by Isaac Asimov so I have no clue about the differences between the story and your video. I hope this review helps you out in any way.

I enjoyed this fine piece of animation. The meaning was deep and was easily understandable and the length of it was satisfactory.

nicely done.

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Jun 13, 2012
11:42 AM EDT