Kingdumb Hearts BBS 2-2

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So, about this exciting chapter.
Something unique happens that never happened before in any of the Kingdumb Heats parodies!
I actually have keyblade wielders cast magic, instead of only smacking people on the head with their keyblade. Shocking.
I tend to forget the magic part, especially since in the first game it was too awkward and slow to do, so I usually uphold a "mash the attack button" strategy. Like I do in every RPG.

Also, first KH flash since Chainy memories where John doesn't do any voice lines.
Sorry man, can't wait forever.

In this chapter, our heroes randomly annoy the hell out of the Snowwhite queen in my favorite moment from Birth by sleep.
Seriously, I love how everyone just keeps blundering into the queen's secret evil lair.

Then Xenahort gives the solution of the entire main plot on a silver platter to Terra, tossing the entire main mystery of the plot overboard before we even get to the halfpoint of the story.

Then we get the second of the three only scenes where the 3 heroes meet, where they deepen their friendship and share information from their common investigation by shouting random broad sentences that don't mean anything.
Ven has found his friends, finishing his entire plot for the game, and then Vanitas comes telling Aqua her use has run out, whatever that means.
So appearently Aqua's plot is also completely resolved up to the climax. Nothing says good storytelling then completely resolving every main issue on the half point of the story.

Then we finally see a glimpse of the organisation XIII, who're mostly spending their time failing at doing anything at all. Shock.

And finally I introduce the REAL villains of the game, queen Minnie and Huey Duey and Louie. Ghah. I'll get back to them in part 3, but let me tell you, they are much more diabolical, insane and evil then Vanitas and Xenahort ever could be.
Then again, a sleepwalking cripple poking his nose is more evil and productive then they are, but never mind.


my god....

That ending had so much win I couldn't even imagine XD

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Very funny. Loved the narration.

Well, I'm enjoying this all so far. Though quick question: what was the scene with the high school boy getting a love letter a reference to? I recognized all the other creations in that music video, just not that one.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well, the middle part of the music sequence was to set up Sora/ Donald and Goofy up trough their innocent beginnings.
So the school boy is Sora in his daily life, with Riku and Kairi.
Admitingly you never see him in school uniform or at school in the games, but it's implied they go there.

Always been a fan of your stuff, Roger

sadly, still minus a star for sometimes awful voiceacting
and those ugly graphics and text boxes.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Awful voice acting and graphics, sure, but Text boxes? Can you explain what's wrong with the text box so I can fix it in the future?

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Jun 13, 2012
7:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody