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Twin Shot

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Dual player arrow firing action game set in an ancient cloud city. Use the ARROW KEYS or W,A,S,D to move. Press SPACE or F to fire an arrow. Try to destroy all enemies!

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Ah, Nitrome, the EA of browser games... ( not implying that he likes to load us full with DLC's xD)

Another high-quality action-platformer with a very neat arcade feel to it, with cute pixel art style, mesmerizing music and interesting enemies in combination with level designs.
Love the option that there's both a co-op mode and a solo one which don't differ at all, meaning that playing alone is totally ok and heck, you can even play co-op completely by yourself! :D

Some of the flaws would probably be the repetitiveness factor after a while ( I got pretty bored from level 22+ onwards) and also the slightly uncomfortable controls in some sitations.

Nevertheless, this is and will still remain one of the first game's I'll come to when a friend visits me and we both want to have fun ;) Great job! :^

good game i like how its pixelated and has very cute people~

I love the game, espcially the sequel. It feel arcady, fun, original. And the co-op is excellent. I don't understand why this isn't a videogame yet.

Great game

This was one the biggest games I've played here, but being big doesn't mean quality all the time.

The graphics remenber the games from 90's colorful but simple, the enemies were quite good as well, not being all the same, the soundtrack was alright, but it could get repetive late in the game, gameplay was fun I'll admit it, but 50 levels with the same gameplay all the time is really really boring, while the variety of the enemies and powerups helps, it' was not enough.

Not a bad game overal, but the ridiculous amount of levels and the same mechanics on all the levels, takes the oportunity of being a really great game.