Kings of Conquest 6

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A Mix between the board game Risk and Chess. Please report bugs and or give me feedback, thanks.

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I love this game, btw for people who don't understand what some things do you can always go into "war room" then game info, it tells you what everything does.

mep630 responds:

KoC 7 or now warlords of conquest is live: http://www.mind-wars.com/woc/index.html

It will be up on newgrounds soon, just ironing out last bugs. Its also on Kongregate.

Man I want to like this game, I really do, but screw this game. The 'random' element is horribly lopsided. I tried playing through this game twice. First time I got a really good foothold, then when I went to check how much magic it cost to cast a certain spell the whole game crashed. Second game became a war of attrition, where the numbers meant nothing. Often times I'd go in with a 2-3 point advantage and still lose. Meanwhile my AI opponent could go in with a 4-5 point disadvantage and still win. The final stroke for me was when the AI won a 12 to 24 match that was in my favor. I don't know what algorithm you're using to determine who wins, but it's horribly flawed. Unless there's something I was missing, in which case the interface needs fixing, because AI shouldn't be winning 12-24 matches while I can't win bloody 12-11.

mep630 responds:

it rolls dice like risk. you can always play low chance, there is no random.

tutorial froze

a fun (but complicated) game of risk... how come I could not destroy a city with my dragon?

mep630 responds:

if there is a dragon in the city you are trying to attack, the dragons will fight. You can also lose your dragon.

Fun game, a little complicated. The tutorial didn't work, so my brother and I had to work out all the rules on our own. I still have no idea what the temple actually does. I wish that it was possible to add forces to an attack from multiple places (eg have a ship from across the lake, and a gun from the next territory over). I like the amount of depth that the game has, with so many options for building, planning, and attacking. All-in-all, a fun game, but very hard to figure out.

mep630 responds:

what browser and OS are you using? Tutorial works for me, try reloading the game by holding shift and hitting reload, or clear your internet cache, then try.

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3.73 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2012
10:38 PM EDT
Strategy - Other