The Power

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A treasure hunter just discovered a new planet, or did he? Step into a new world full of enemies, hazards, bosses and lots of power-ups. The Power is an action packed Metroidvania style platformer with stylish graphics, awesome music and simple yet challenging gameplay. Are you up for an adventure to uncover the mystery behind The Power?

Arrow keys to move and jump. X key to shoot. Inventory: Space


it was fun! i liked of the bosses EXCEPT the last set of ninjas. they were sooo strong, and they just want to swarm you so it was basically getting a good timing and missile spam in right off the bat. i liked the different worlds (thought it was funny the suit upgrades did the exact same as in super metroid except the first upgrade in this was for cold instead of heat protection ;) )
if you wanted to make a more difficult part 2 of this you could even make the snow world slippery.
oh and i like having the save's after the bosses otherwise it would be WAY too easy. in fact you should go ninja gaiden so if you lose to a boss you start at the very beginning.
anyways good start for this style of a game, i would consider improving your ideas and designs with this and make cooler versions down the line

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The game itself was really fun but the the ending was really dissapointing.

What the heck??? Not to be mean, I just think that this is kind of stupid. Seriously, there's not exactly a GOOD story behind this...

would you please, PLEASE use correct english in any games or movies you're going to make after this. it is very disturbing to see the atmosphere of games get completely wasted by total lack of grammar and/or spelling

Concept cool! Almost like a fusion of Mario bros with Zelda just a little funnier, less complex and more fire power. Ending gave me a zen moment so I chose 5 stars.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2012
6:06 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other