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The Power

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A treasure hunter just discovered a new planet, or did he? Step into a new world full of enemies, hazards, bosses and lots of power-ups. The Power is an action packed Metroidvania style platformer with stylish graphics, awesome music and simple yet challenging gameplay. Are you up for an adventure to uncover the mystery behind The Power?

Arrow keys to move and jump. X key to shoot. Inventory: Space


Why are the save points ALWAYS so damn far away from the bosses?? You are half dead by the time you get to the bosses because so much of your game has unavoidable damage. Its a cool game (if just a complete ripoff of metroid), but this makes it REALLY hard to make progress.

I've played this freeware game before, I hope this is the actual author deciding to upload it on newgrounds.

amidos2006 responds:

Yes me and Alexitron (who designed the game maker version) made the game so yes :)

great game, but the second boss is annoying and frustrating as fuck.

I thought the ending was good. Not cliche to not fight the boss. In real life leaders don't make good tend to be bad fighters anyway. The final wave of enemies was tad disappointing. I expected a big creature/machine as the final solider or someone who emitted more power from his veins.

Half a star off, the first boss was easy to beat. All that had to be done was stand near the middle of the difference from the boss and the wall thus making all the rocks miss you.

this is an awesome game!! this was missing just two things!! a final boss and an extra boss that you can fight only if you collect all health and missile upgrades! (and i did by the way!) you should have made it so when you reach the king then you have to beat his king beast! (which is super hard!) afterwards then you get the power! but if you get all upgrades then you have to fight this crazy, power hungry mad man who wants to destroy the universe and create it in his own image! (not to mention he's in a giant robot! he's also super hard to beat!) then afterward you get the power and then it ends! why couldn't it be like that? then it would be perfectly awesome!
oh and Averrath, although i don't agree with your score i do agree with some of the stuff you said!
although Dragonsoul0 had a better idea! ANYWAYS,

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amidos2006 responds:

that was intended but due to the lack of time and project took alot of time from us we decided to release it to the world :)

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2012
6:06 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other