The Power

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A treasure hunter just discovered a new planet, or did he? Step into a new world full of enemies, hazards, bosses and lots of power-ups. The Power is an action packed Metroidvania style platformer with stylish graphics, awesome music and simple yet challenging gameplay. Are you up for an adventure to uncover the mystery behind The Power?

Arrow keys to move and jump. X key to shoot. Inventory: Space


Is the power a pixelated penis?

amidos2006 responds:

LoooooL :D

i cant finish chamber of water and a bunch of fish will attack you pleas i need your help

amidos2006 responds:

try to avoid being hit by fish even if you sacrifice hitting the sack bags at the top :)

My friend, Idont know where to begin. You've done great. I love everything about this game. The Difficulty is Challenging but not Ragequit hard, The graphics are like a pixelated Mario future-esque style, The music is fun to listen to, The gameplay is addicting, And the bosses are a nice touch to it. It could be better however.. A sequel with more graphical stylism, More storyline, Backstory, weapons, Length, and maybe even make it full RPG With a Little Sidekick to find and an inventory (I'm not too Sure on the last idea.. It doesn't seem ight for this game, but hey, I'm sure you could make it work if you like the idea) To go with inventory Maybe treasure, Secrets... All in all i Loved this game and would definitely enjoy a sequel. I hope to see more great work from you.

Gameplay: 5

Difficulty: Perfectly challenging

Graphics: Simple future-esque, Nice to look at.

Replay Value: Medium-High

Overall Rating: 5/5

Loved it. The final fight against the ninjas was hard, and when I had to save before entering the Throne Room I got worried there was gonna be a difficult final boss, but it was cool. The ending could've used some work, which is to say, you should have at least made the planet a full circle rather than just an outline.

All in all, I reiterate, loved it.

right, its a good game, but i cannot figure out how to change weapons and missed the text prompt as to what it said

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amidos2006 responds:

Just press down :)

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2012
6:06 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other