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The Power

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A treasure hunter just discovered a new planet, or did he? Step into a new world full of enemies, hazards, bosses and lots of power-ups. The Power is an action packed Metroidvania style platformer with stylish graphics, awesome music and simple yet challenging gameplay. Are you up for an adventure to uncover the mystery behind The Power?

Arrow keys to move and jump. X key to shoot. Inventory: Space

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Awesome game. Such a great challenging metroidvania game. I played this many moons ago, and recently found it again. So glad I did. Love it!
Thank you! :)

amidos2006 responds:

Glad that you are still enjoying it :)

Overall pretty fun. I especially liked the Flip Hero homage, if indeed that was what it was (the part with the bubbles).
The fights were a bit intense at times, even fully powered. I died perhaps 7 or 8 times on that final boss before managing to perfect a missile technique.
A couple complaints/minor annoyances.
-Enemy collision boxes are really big. I often found myself getting knocked off of ledges by enemies I didn't even seem to be touching.
-After you die, there's a menu to respawn that pops up. I often died very suddenly in the middle of an intense fight that requires lots of maneuvering, including pressing the up key to jump. The amount of times I accidentally hit "return to menu"...
-The mine upgrade. It's entire purpose seems just as a progression item in the early game, but beyond that, it's practically useless. There were instances were it could have been used in clever ways against certain bosses, including the two instances of the sword-wielding guardians, but upon trying them, I found that they were in fact immune to the explosions. There's perhaps a couple ways you could have expanded on them for clever players. Perhaps they could damage every enemy, regardless of tier? Perhaps they have an explosive radius? Perhaps they also detonate on contact with an enemy, instead of just being timed? Although, to be fair, I found timing the explosions quite fun, so maybe not that last one.
Anyway, complaints aside, I found it overall pretty fun. Good metroidvania.

I'm stuck. How to you get to the frog?
What's up with that frog?
Hint: He thiccc.
But really, how do I progress? Everywhere I go I'm blocked.

amidos2006 responds:

what is ur last boss you battled, u can only battle the frog after u get the hookshot.

Something about this game is just awesome. Actually, scratch that, a multitude of elements working in perfect harmony are what make this game great. The graphics, music, sound effects, and game play all perfectly mesh together into one cohesive experience. At times it feels a bit rushed, with the boss fights occurring so frequently, but I think that is what the dev intended. My only complaints are that the story was a bit lacking, and the final boss fight was frankly lazy and uninspired. Besides that though, this game was pretty much perfect, and I am definitely downloading the soundtrack.

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4.14 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2012
6:06 PM EDT