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Hello people, this is my first game, made all in AS3.

its very simple, made only to test color changing but, with the success in DA of that swf i decided to post it here, i know that the game must be very stupid at the start but was my first good game, as i have my 3D project.


If you are advertising this as a color changing game, you may want to have more color options. It's cute, but maybe try adding more color options and if you can, make a couple of costume or hairstyle changes.

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GS-Leal responds:

i will try if i have time for another game

cute art, but not as detailed as other games. and everything is WAY TOO SMALL. on your next submission, i'd suggest making the controls bigger and add variation the the character (maybe give option for male or female, change hair, etc)
for your first game, well done. good luck on your next one

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GS-Leal responds:

that's for the help ^^ i will try to make a better one, but for now, i'm making a demo

im thinking add feature options like you can customize the character than change the color of the customized parts, let people click on the part they want to change and have a color wheel pop up maybe so it has unlimited variety and keep the 8 most recently used colors. Right now as it is its very boring although you get 2 stars for the art that i do like but it needs some depth and shading.

GS-Leal responds:

Thanks for the comment!

It was alright, just a little too simple. You should add more characters that can be customized.
The game has a lot of potential.

GS-Leal responds:

i will try, well, have a lone time that i don't touch on that game ^^

no...just no. this is not as cool as it sounds. you should just take this game off of the internet.

GS-Leal responds:

i know it isn't a good game, but please, keep the useless comments to yourself

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2.18 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2012
4:35 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other