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Adventures of Dr. Lawyer

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Author Comments

The first in a trilogy about the scandalous Dr. Lawyer. This has been a long time in the making and we hope ya'll enjoy the poop out of it.

Also, check the cow trophy in the menu to find out how to unlock bonus stuff (it'll show up at the end).

AlsoAlso, In pretesting, some people had audio syncing issues, if you pause and play the flash (right click/play, repeat) it lines up again. We don't really know how to fix that.


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"Ah, yes, I'm pretending to remember now."

I like random humour but this may have been a little better with a more coherent plot to provide a contrast for things like fishwife? Maybe not though, I'm going to go watch the second ep and see if I can better word my criticisms!

Honestly,I'm a bit tired of the "random humor" the Internet has adopted. I think something much more inspired and unique can be made with this level of animation,which is fantastic,btw. It's mostly personal,your video isn't THAT bad,but I figured it had to be pointed out.

IDontKnowCorp responds:

I appreciate your comment, I realize the frazzled buzz that is often internet funny can be tiring. We really tried to mix the craziness with some less "random" jokes, maybe we'll hit closer to the mark next time around :D

This was fantastic!
And not to mention surprisingly so! From the first click it looked a bit amateurish, what with the scribbly style and the lazy lip-syncing, but the way this show was pulled off pushed those factors away and provided a solid episode and a great provider of funny.

Animation wise, this was pulled off pretty well! It's nowhere near Pixar or the skill of that near one of the more renowned animators on this site, but it's style is surprisingly funny. The never-stagnant characters scribble around everywhere, and the more ridiculous situations (smashing through a police door and the exponential hair growth) are made more ridiculous thanks to the crude animation style. The backgrounds also present a great cartoony feel; the color usage in particular is bright and shiny, and nothing seems murky.

The sound was very unique! It was quiet enough usually to where it was a subtle design overall, and the sound effects, being mostly vocal, provided an incredibly weird indie feel to it that you wouldn't get from the more mainstream artists. The voice acting wasn't crazy fantastic, but it was blunt and crazy funny the way it was pulled off. The clever inside jokes littering the dialogue made you really yearn to listen, trying to catch the well-timed lines. The microphone had less clarity than I'd like, unfortunately, so more of the lines were harder to hear than they should've been.

Humor wise, however, this is where the flash shines the most! You can owe most of that to the comedic timing, which was impeccable! Even lines that shouldn't have been funny were hilarious thanks to when they happened, and the lines that would be funny no matter what were unstoppable thanks to it! Another huge part of it is due to the ludicrous nature of the universe. Fish wives, tree judges, pork chop slapping, guys with phones attached to their heads, almost parasitic mustaches, etc. It's all pretty damn crazy, and they pull it off as if they're just used to that sorta' thing. If there is one thing you've definitely got right, it's the humor.

Overall, a really great flash! I've been meaning to review it for a while, but couldn't quite put my finger on why it was so damn funny! It's not perfected, but it's brilliant nonetheless. I'll definitely be paying multiple visits to this one, and I await the new episodes!
5 outta' 5 and 4 and 1/2 stars!

IDontKnowCorp responds:

Thanks bunches for the thoughtful review.
We're going to try and work on the sound quality the next go around, new mics and the likes.
Episode 2 is a ways away at this point... but I hope it doesn't disappoint :D

Pringles guy?