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Corporate Zombies

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Will is fed up with his job. This was my first project working with a team of dudes, hope to do more in the future... Needs a preloader.


brains, brains, brains! wait, what were i talking about? oh, brains...*passing out and turning into a zombie*

zombie animals for the win!


Fantastic!!!!! You and your aforementioned comrades have done wonderfully. The length was perfect, The animation was nice, Sound effects where on que, And the humor and gist of this whole thing was hilarious. Corporate zombies mixed in with an unknown eventual viral outbreak that creates zombies which would eventually effect the office workers in the most ironic moments and manner. For bring me a smile throughout the whole picture I'm bestowing upon you a perfect score. A whopping solid 5/5 and also a perfect 5 on you voting board. To me you and the rest of your crew earn this reward from me. I don't care what the others in the community would think of this, All I know though is that it has this quirky original, snarky attitude that makes me admire it so. I reiterate you and your fellows have done a wonderful job. I hope you create more works here in the future my friend. I hope you and the rest of the crew enjoyed this review and I hope you continue what you guys do. Keep going and have a wonderful day!

wiresmcshocky responds:

Oh wow! Thanks, guy. Yeah, it's actually fantastic to be able to work in a crew and get stuff like this done. Thanks a lot for the positivity, I'll be doing more stuff in the future. :]

My name's Will and I also have blonde hair and blue eyes. Oh dear...

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Why don't you make a preloader?

wiresmcshocky responds:

I plum fo'got.

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3.86 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2012
6:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original