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Kid Icarus: Downfall

rated 3.70 / 5 stars
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Jun 11, 2012 | 4:00 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place June 12, 2012

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Author Comments

After 3 weeks in development, hopefully it was worth the wait.

I think I'm getting a bit better at the whole lip syncing things, so that's good.

Kid icarus is awesome. Go buy it.

Also, if the ads aren't working, can someone help me fix that? ._.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey look, another parody.

Honestly it just wasn't that good, I didn't like it so much. My biggest complaint was with the content and writing, though the animation wasn't the best either. First off I didn't find it funny at all. I found it slow-paced and drawn-out. Voice acting was okay, not the best not the worst, just average. Except that goddess character didn't sound very good at all.

As for animation, I like how it's in frame-by-frame, but it still was far from even decent. I mean some parts were shaded in but they just didn't make sense... some of the body parts have thinner shadows, others are thicker, and some parts don't even have ANY shading, it was so messy. When the characters moved around... I mean there is no consistency, they grow deformed and blobby and certain parts shrink and change size, it's so ugly-looking, it's just hard to watch. Especially that one part when the chick moved, her breasts completely shrunk probably 3 times the size and one was smaller than the other, I mean that was so obvious I can't believe it wasn't fixed.

Also the preloader art, what's with it? I mean I know it's supposed to look like those pictures that have lots of detail and look like a lot of time was put into them, but instead it just looks completely rushed, even more than the actual animated segments. There's not even any shading.

You'd think someone with constant awards and front-pages would actually have GOOD quality work. C'mon.

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KawaiiPiranha responds:

Alright well since you took the time to write all of this, I suppose I'll respond:

A) I find it kind of strange that you criticize this being "another parody" when a lot of your recent animations are also parodies.

B) It was 1 Minute long, give or take a few seconds, so I do not see how it could have been drawn out.

C) The Breasts being inconsistent in size was part of the joke.

D) It's fucking preloader art.

E) You'd think that someone who takes their time to write such a long review would have something more to say than random bashing comments.

After looking through some of your work, I honestly can say that you have NO right to act so superior. Your work is good, yes, but don't go around bashing people just because they're "not as good as you." You animate very differently than I do. I ENJOY more rubbery movements. I like having fun with it. I'm pretty damn proud of this, and I make front page because people like what I make. So it may not be YOUR STYLE of humor or whatever, but people obviously like it.

Giving constructive criticism is appreciated, but you're just being a pompous ass hole, man.

Your review was rude, though valid up until the last line. Saying that I have no GOOD work is just a dick thing to say, dude.

Your latest cartoon is really great. I think the animation is really smooth and it looks nice in general. But not everybody is up to your level yet, so try being supportive.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have no clue what this was referencing..who the characters were about, but I enjoyed the animation.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I giggled


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Woah, this was one of the weirdest flashes I've seen in awhile. I guess for the most part, it was really good. I loved the animation. This is the second flash I've seen in awhile that features that exact theme, is there some contest going on where people submit flashes like that? Anyway, the funniest thing was probably when you first saw Potenia or whatever her name is. Geez, a woman with boobs that big would be a pervert.

I loved the music at the end when the creator came back. I'm going to assume Pit died. I guess she deserves being messed with by the creator if she let Pit just die like that! The animation was just wonderful and everything moved in such a nice manner. The voices were great too.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funny stuff