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Sometimes you need to know when to let go.


This is my Novice round entry for NATA 2012, which unfortunately, didn't get through to next round.

I'm fairly happy with it but I did have to cut a lot out of it to meet the deadline.

I hope you enjoy it!

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I really like that you made an entry with a serious tone following your comedic Open Round one. Variation is important, and you are not predictable with your entries. I really enjoyed this one, especially because of how different it was. Very good story structure, too - Well done!

I am watching this and GROWIN' UP. Ok I watched them and personally I think the animation was better in this movie but GROWIN' UP's art was better. But GROWIN' UP's animation was bad it was mostly just tweening I think you could have won if you didn't use that static sound so much it is kind of hard on the ears :/

Lankie responds:

Yeah, maybe I should of made the static a little softer sounding. GROWIN' UP beat me by a solid 10 points though, It probably would of took a lot more for me to score a win.
Thanks for the comment!

You are one of the few artists that didn't took the motto "Elephant in the room" figuratively but literally. As far as I see it you delivered a creative flashmovie with your very own style, I especially like the work with the color.
Not only the black/white for death and bright colors for the living, you even had an eye for details (the protagonist is blue, his wife red, so their daughter is - purple!)

Sound fits perfect, thoughtful storyline with a consequent end (you said you had to "cut a lot", but I didn't notice any plotholes or continuity errors) - great work!
Don't be too sad that you didn't reach the next round, there were a lot of good submission in NATA this year, keep it going, you sure got the talent for more success next time :)

Lankie responds:

Thanks! Hopefully I'll get better by the time NATA 2013 comes around.

This is great man, I loved every minute of it. Very nice work on this!

Lankie responds:

Thank you! :D

3.24 is a really low score for something like this.I really enjoyed! keep making animations :)

Lankie responds:

Thanks! Well if enough people like it I guess it'll go up. c:

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4.72 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2012
5:21 AM EDT