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Vampire Jetpack

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Mouse/Up/Space - Thrust

The Vampire Jetpack runs on the energy of the person riding in it. Pick up new riders to replenish your energy. This will also allow your riders to fight the alien invasion. Different riders have different weapons that they will use to fight the aliens.

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Needs bosses and multiple levels to break up the monotony a bit. love the music and the whole 8-bit approach though.

Pretty fun, but at the same time, somewhat repetitive.

This is a great game! It deserves a front page slot. I like the variety of weapons, and there's some serious risk management. Having to decide between keeping a good weapon or picking up something else to refill your energy keeps you on your toes. The only criticism I have to give is there seems to be odd hit detection every once in a while. There were a few times when an enemy was above or below me, but still registered as a hit against me. Great game, though!

malec2b responds:

Thanks, and congrats on the top score.

first place!!!
..for now
anyway good game man :)
but it could have been some upgrades

Not bad for what it is. Decent graphics, sound track is sorta okay. I don't think it should get a 'blam'. I don't think this can be tweaked into four star material but....something about this I sorta like.