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Welcome to Kyubiko LITE. Kyuybiko is a fun, NEW puzzle game that challenges you like never before. Match colored blocks from all sides, adding a whole new dimension of peril and excitement! Compete for the high score!


The game boasts mid-quality graphics, and seems to have a nice feel of play, yet it lacks any form of tutorial or goal laid out in the game. Also, after game has begun, there is no simple way to exit. Controls are also somewhat unresponsive.

darkliongames responds:

can you please clarify the lack of tutorial? There is a 10 screen tutorial accessible with the large "Tutorial" button on the main screen. Please let us know if it is not working for you. Also in that said tutorial, it let's you know that you may press the "space" bar to bring up the pause menu. In the pause menu, you are able to mute the game as well as return to the main menu. We acknowledge that the controls are not the best, but that may or may not be because of how the blocks are designed. they must follow and remain on a grid or they will become mis aligned and that causes a lot of problems. We ARE however looking into that, and will try to better them in future versions. As for the goal of the game, it is merely a fun game to spend a few minutes or few hours scoring points. it is a LITE version while we work on a full version with more features.



First off I think the art is just right for this game. It just had the right feel. Also, the music wasn't so annoying I had to turn it off, although it seemed to get louder then softer at parts. That was a little annoying. I liked the tutorial but I probably would have changed the placement of the power-ups/downs. (I associate losing lives with game over. That's my reasoning.) The controls to get the blocks to move/slide (whatever it's called) was a bit annoying to get the hang of but in the end it sorted itself out. At the end, though, Things started to get a little buggish. Should the four blocks in a row go "through" other block colors? There was a random black "spawn" block in the bottom left corner, and I don't think it should have been there. And lastly I've left this game playing while I typed out what I was thinking and nothing has collided. I don't know if that's a bad thing necessarily, but I thought I'd mention it. Overall it is a game that I would play again. Very nice.

darkliongames responds:

Thanks for the insight. You lost me a bit at the "should blocks go through the other block colors." If you could elaborate on this, that would be great. We have sorted the random black block spawning bug and will be rolling this update out soon after testing we want to make sure the fix didn't break anything else. As for leaving the game running while you type, the game is currently set to have a maximum of four blocks spawned at one time. it will not spawn another block until one has been sent in and anchored. you just had the luck of the draw and had four blocks that spawned going the same way. Thank you for the feedback once again, and we'll try our best to stamp out any bugs,


Not quite my interest, but solid graphics, interesting concept, and catchy background jingle.

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darkliongames responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback. I appreciate it. Thanks for the star review as well! ^__~


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darkliongames responds:

Thanks :) I'm glad you liked it ^__^

it definatly needs more work but its not a half bad game. The two main things i would suggest are these:

1) make the tutorial unavoidable.
- for some reason, unknown to myself, I am the kind of person that'll say 'nah i don't need to look at the tutorial, ill figure it out as i go along.' but because your game is unlike most, ido not instantly know how to play it, and considering i'm a 24/7 gamer, that's pretty hard to do to me. Well Done!

2) the only other thing that i noticed whilst playing was the quality of the writing and the main logo in the top left of the screen on the main menu.
-I can't work out whether it is because of the background or because the writing and the logo have a low quality but somthing is making the outside of the text and the logo very poor quality.

The actual game play is rather good and it is clear that the programmeing for this game is thought out well because it all runs smoothly without jumps and stuff in the images so well done. I do not make games myself but am in a similar job with making animations, thus I know how frustating it can be to get images to more smoothly and run properly in time so i congratulate you on that.
I really enjoyed your game, Thank you for your effort!

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darkliongames responds:

Thank you for such a constructive review. The game was not designed to be played as such a small resolution. The graphics were all designed at 1024x768, but I've always loved games on Newgrounds and have been playing them since college.. anyhow I believe that it is because newgrounds requires me to shrink the game. I will look into addressing it to improve the visual quality.

Regarding the tutorial.. I think you are right about that, and will be adding that to a future update of the game. Thank you for your insight.



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2.89 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2012
5:47 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other